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Of turmeric for so many people it has helped them he became aware of his own don cholesterol related heart disease which inspired him to help others and his former ex Formula One the email word and associates excellence in new health formula innovation award back in Maryland for inventing these formulas that enhance health and life I asked him several months ago to start working on a story because he's a noted author about single parents because it's just my impression and knowing some people who are single parents that life is tough for them more they have to work and raise a family and raise a child or two or more and so here he is a Christian before we get going tonight and we'll be bringing in later Kathy Smith a marriage and family therapist I want to thank you for the investigation that you did in the this topic which is not covered by many media no George is this the first time in my knowledge that it's ever been covered on national radio and it's all due to you because you have a heart for these kind of situations and you brought it up and so kudos to you George well we're gonna learn a lot about this the next hour we'll take phone calls from all of you especially those of you who may be single parents check in with us as well when you started the research for this how did you even begin well first of all I am from a single parent aha I thought to myself self how many hundreds of thousands of listeners to coast to coast are grateful to a single parent that raises them and then I start talking to the parents that I have known and getting their stories and then going to all of the different her ranting parenting organizations to find out what they have to say what they put together and I've looked at the census reports I think we could agree raising children in today's complex world with all the temptations the safety issues facing our kids every morning when they leave the house is a challenging enough job for any two parents and then awesome responsibility for a single parent particularly if they are sole provider and nurturer what they're wanting to like you said three or four possibly five children and a single mom who may be working outside the home for the first time in her life and certainly that reality must at times seem over welcoming as you mentioned some months ago I was a talking to a single parent a few weeks ago and years ago when she was raising her child she got the child support from the father forty one dollars a month forty one dollars a month what what can you buy for forty one dollars a month Christian and take care of a kid your cat and unfortunately there are also.

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