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The left side of the political spectrum but something happen very soon into his mandate he of personal friend of him adjusted pre scold with dividend the west more durr of uprest was working already with the poorest communities in a cellar trained to give them a voice and that's what the folk a force be civil rule medal wants tournament or to wake up and so he decided to lent his voice to the very same people and to speak out about all the human right violations that were taking placing a salvador there are a lot of people in in latin america who always believe he was a saint amina it is normally called the saint of the americas for a lot of people who claim he has performed miracles it of course also has a political legacy in all eu he sort of empowered a sector of the church and people to go on and talk out loud about human rights violation us on us a fourth so yeah ac semester fieger for letting americans was out to a wallis earned pope paul vi interrelated 1978 at a missile sweeping reforms of the church in the 1960s isil sank to beat clad a saint east team all became a sovereign nation in two thousand two and almost immediately found itself in a row with australia over there shed maritime border in the team more see the two countries disagreed over how to share out revenues from a huge offshore gas field now though there celebrating the signing of an historic treaty on the which east team all also known as team or less one of the world's poorest nations will now gain the majority of any future revenue australia's foreign minister julia bishop was at the signing at the un unusual this is an historic day for by our nation's we recognize that it is a particularly important day fatih more list and another step forward in team was journey as a sovereign nation and this was the deputy prime minister of east t more amman as you'll do put eta we designers through today.

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