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Is listening to Fox News. Now look a KSFO traffic, checking some of the slow traffic areas right now in Campbell 17 south bound between Camden Avenue in Santa Cruz Avenue. Stopped traffic very slow. 30 minutes to travel that distance. Further south on 17 in the Santa Cruz Mountains, south bound between Summit Road and Laurel Road, be prepared for stop and go Traffic in San Francisco one, the one South bound before Caesar Chavez to right lanes blocked by a two car crash. In the North Bay in Healdsburg, one of one North bound it dry Creek reports of a grass fire burning on the right hand shoulder. Ah, high wind advisory through the Altamont Pass it this time and on the Golden Gate and San Mateo Bridge is on Bart. No service between South Hayward and Union City stations through tomorrow, There's a bus bridge in place. Expect 2025 minute delays. We have KSFO traffic. I'm Mel Baker. Following show is paid for by peak Financial Freedom Group LLC. The views, opinions and beliefs expressed so those of Peak Financial Freedom Group LLC and don't necessarily reflect those of the staff management ownership of KGO ksfo, cumulus media or other partners. The following program is a paid promotion sponsored by Peak Financial Freedom Group. Welcome to the peak financial freedom, Our with Jim Files and Dan honored a peak financial freedom group. Way know many of the issues you're facing retirement.

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