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This kind of stuff we can't say a lot of that both save coming what i what i have to say now is about does jones end if if bob stretch thinks the doug jones of the future that he knows is gonna be uh uh uh the dow jones of the past is going to be the dog jobs of the future he's in for a rude awakening a second one and uh david let me we will be fair i think bob was very clear that he thought he but i'm gonna summit up form luper words is he thought he was a good guy but he didn't have any desire for him to be in washington dc said he goes wrong when abortion is wrong on all these different things so i i think he was basically saying i look i personally like the guy but i do not won't him they're they're people are there people my family david that i that i love but i wouldn't vote for them for anything because they just they're just wrong only issues and actually that's probably a fairly good place to be i always like to say if they're that good net nice thing we love him that much than they need to stay in your neighborhood they don't need to go to montgomery or to washington i i thought he he said it pretty good after that yes that i have probably uh i have problems with the words that he said about uh about him right just because it's not about doug jones this election is not about doug jones this is what action is about schumer oh see and and finally replacing harry uh harry reid uh mitch mcconnell at some time but but uh he is schumer and pelosi and he will vote for every democrat he will vote wrong on ever own that's rice you that's right yeah thanks scott thank you sir appreciate you hear me david bruce listening and uh you know the folks on the mind we gotta take a break we'll be right back you're listening to the skunk gleason radio.

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