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Don't move. He said, yeah, he's got my digits to reach out to so, Freddie, I would say most athletes football baseball gotten bigger gotten stronger. Would you say the best of the eighties? Let's say away sugar. Ray durant? How they compete against the best of the guys in the last decade. I liked that arizo much maybe. 'cause I was part of it is I think it was a much more crafted area. Much more what crafted Haider's back then. And even like when people say kid out beat Sheeran Lenin. No, you tell him that. Yeah. Sure. I live. Eight time world champ guys, not being the Philippines. He's honest. Five became a ten though because we worked up to get better. Well, we did I I'm not kidding. Whether you're a fighter whether you're comedian, or whether you're in rock band, you have a ledger. It is ability natural, Billy comedic ability, physical, -bility musicality. And then there's work ethic. You want to be the greatest musician the world over here's junkie will. Then it's going to be hard to have a lot of platinum records once in a while, you take that comedic ability, and you meet the work ethic. I've always said that a guy like Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy is funny. He's not the funniest guy. You know? He's funny. His work ethic. His approach to comedy while. Norm. Donald is walking around with Kleenex boxes for slipper somewhere. Potted plant right now how are used Howard use? Dial his comments and said many times. Well, then what's it? Good for. You know what I mean? What what are we going to? What are we going to do with it? There's fighters that way there's comedians that way Rockstars way. There's every facet of life has a version of that. And the true champion. So the guys who take the ability in Mary it to the work ethic. Afraid you're so truthful, I can ask you this question. I'm so fascinated by the answer. Let's say Mayweather impact Yao fought once a year for seven years during their prime. What's the what's the tally during their prime? Five to two pack. Yeah. Wow. He's been honest. See that's what he does. He sets us up with the he's five Billy part of many lies fucking ass off. And we have to believe. Of though, I say sets you up Panama set me back just tell my said. Right. Thank you. Freddie. Roach by always best of luck Saturday night with the boy, Manny and such a such a great guy. Oh, real quick. Is he going to be the king of the Philippines, or the president of ilippines the Philippines? I president world champion until he's going to be president and his he's forty day. He can he can run now. Oh, there is a laws. Oh, yeah. You better watch yourself. Okay. Well, that's good. Don't tell me. Panama. Joe mason. Of course, tell us. Right, ready rock. Good luck. We love rent. What he is truthful, man. He gave an eight time world that was awesome. That was. All right. Let me give you thirty over here with guy co everybody love me,.

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