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With the seven day. Average trending down since june twenty-sixth there are now eleven million four hundred forty nine thousand eight hundred fifty four active cases around the world the five countries with the most new cases brazil sixty four thousand nine hundred three india forty five thousand six hundred ninety nine columbia twenty five thousand eight hundred eighty argentina. Twenty four thousand sixty five and russia twenty thousand six hundred sixteen. There have now been three million nine hundred thirty six thousand four hundred sixty three deaths reported as cove related worldwide for the latest updates subscribed for free to corona virus. Four one one on your podcast app or ask your smart speaker to play the corona virus. Four one one podcast sound that brands looking for a new podcast listened to. Here's what we love. Courtesy of a recommends shame on any politician introducing these hateful mean-spirited and discriminatory bills. That are anti american. I'm amara jones. come join me. In a new podcast presented by transnational media. What the other side is arguing for is constitutional rights to not have to share space with trans people from a heritage foundation to the devos family. I'll show you that. The anti trans movement is far deeper and more chilling than you could have ever imagined. You know they're really going into communities and stirring up trouble. This is how you establish minority rule. Subscribe to the anti translate machine a plot against equality wherever you listen to podcasts events..

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