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Its step up program, which allows multi ride pass holders to ride select Amtrak northeast regional trains between Fredericksburg and D.C.'s union station without paying anything extra. Inside nova reports Northern Virginia's transportation commission staff is recommending granting VRE nearly one and a half $1 million to restart the program, which was suspended in 2020. Ridership on VRE dropped like a rock during the height of the pandemic, but it has since ticked up to about one third of what it was before 2020. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. They've Preston hey, we will take a series win. Yes, the nationals finished their series in San Francisco with the flourish. Swinging along drive, deep left field if it's fair it's gone. Way back down the line. And it is gone. Goodbye. A tremendous home run for Riley Adams, a three run blast here in the top of the second inning. Charlie slows on 1500 a.m., the Nats win 11 6 and take two of three from the Giants Riley Adams and lane Thomas Goyard in the win next up a four game series against the New York mets beginning tomorrow Orioles top Tampa Bay two one birds take two of three from the AL east leaders, NBA playoffs defending champ Golden State avoids elimination by beating the Los Angeles Lakers in game 5 one 21 one O 6 dev curry nets 27 points with 8 assists, New York avoids elimination by topping Miami one 12 one O three Jalen Brunson leading the Knicks with 38 points 9 rebounds and 7 assists NHL playoffs, Toronto avoids getting swept by Florida with the game four one Edmonton evens up its series with Vegas at two a piece by getting past the golden knights women's soccer the Washington spirit beat Orlando four two and NWSL challenge cup group play. And the NFL schedule will be announced this evening. I'm sure we're going to get some more breadcrumbs this morning. The league is they really want to fight all of these leaks. They draw this out. Yeah, oh gosh. Oh, I'm sorry we exposed another game. We'll let you know about Dave Preston WTO sports. All right, Dave, coming up after traffic and weather will give you the latest on what's happening at the U.S. Mexico border with that pandemic era immigration policy set to expire at the end of today. It's 5 27. When you're celebration of life is prepaid in advance, it becomes a gift from you to your family later because no one should have to plan for a loss

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