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Headlines and you know he can never forget he went swimming in lake erie can you took the whole team with them absolutely messing up the mean though that's what he's up to let's talk about the the team with the hardest schedule and how they've been in the headlines mike mccarthy this is a new a new system that he's been putting in obviously we remember the cba in twenty eleven it changed some of the makeup with with offs even offseason workouts i mean they used to start in march and then they were pushed back to april there's a lot of noncontact a lot of people wearing shorts a lot of notepads but mike mccarthy his new thing is i have the veterans i know that the veterans were up to speed on everything that's going on in green bay let's give them the time off so mike mccarthy is letting guys that are veterans of four more years they don't have to come in and if you are a rookie or up to your fourth year the nfl than you do come in and do some extra work because he wants to work with these with these guys who who were younger and and help groom them a little bit just that philosophy can you talk about that lombardi i think it's really smart i think it's probably the right thing to do because look how many times is aaron rodgers go through a why stick how many more times is he have to run to pass you know like he can do that like you gotta get other players ready to play football and because they've laxed the rules in terms of leading the rookies and the free agents come in there you've got to catch them up so you know you got to think of it this way take fraser you're in basically the rookies are like people that are just dropped into a class halfway through the class right so they're studying world history and they come in six weeks into the into the class meanwhile the other people have had it for six weeks so they're behind and they never catch up in football is not a game that you can play with fast and you can play with.

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