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Can smoke them in. Nothing's going to other guys got tissue paper, and you touch him. And he gets four shouldn't be intent I cur tend to churn anything they're the stick just got up. But if we happen to have been bleeding four the other interpretation to win it's not high-sticking is the follow through on the shot, for example, if if you're following through on the shiny catch the highest dick, it's not high sticking, so why if you're trying to keep you know, you're trying to get around the guy corner is at high-sticking intent should be. I think you're right Bikita high-sticking year in the National Hockey League. That is not the case. It's stick contact with face. And that's the case with Alexander Kirkwood on Jack Johnson. So we are four on four. Just underway here in the second period. Ads have a one nothing lead me go rented and as the puck taken away from him by Tanner Pearson, or that trade. With Carl Haglund going the other way towards the LA kings out. Here comes Nathan MacKinnon around one McKinnon frozen the sought prayer Johnson. And it was snuffed out by a very smart, Phil kessel and Al Brian Doolan has zone zone hill turns out the center. Hewlett zone. It's more space than us anticipating now kessel has it along the half ball moving his way down toward the corner behind the case thrown out in front but Tang go off his ticking. Here comes JT conflict gonna get there. No. We can't on the ice off the bench very quickly with Jack Johnson. Snuff that out there? You can feel kessel shot. Never made it towards villa grew. Our gets the rebound throws the pass in front. Nobody home for Pittsburgh JT compromise the center now for the avalanche. Alan wilson. Cuba, gave Landis front. Eric Johnson down to one leg with a one timer. Puck bouncing around the crease and now JD comparable pick it back up and get it to the point is the Dora down there. Stick handling behind the net. Makita Zadora looking centering gave Landis Scott holds still back door. I've shot. It was blocked. Recall. I got in the way of that one. And now JT comfort takes shovel.

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