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John Holum, Analyst, Mr Moeller discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


The quick review of the last twenty four hours when we left you last night there was no events scheduled on tariffs but that happened today and then tonight the rather unusual sight of the south korean delegation approaching microphones in the dark in the driveway outside the west wing to announce a deal with the north presidents accepted the invitation as we said to the ambassador earlier what could go wrong let's talk about it with our guest shall we john holum on msnbc national affairs analyst and allies tokyo's msnbc political analyst veteran journalists both john to you at a time of staff exodus we have a porn star in the news we have tariffs in the news we have mr moeller who went to work today just like any other thursday but the bottom line heroes and above all these things creating a shenzhen really matters it does is an existential threat though yards twenty eight thousand americans there and we do in the possibility of ground were in the north koreans pursuing a nuclear program that could reach the west coast united states getting this right really matters and the way that the announcement was handled today with rex tillerson on the phone hour later saying we're not ready for talks maybe on the horizon some time in a few months we might be able to get there the we don't have an ambassador south korea there is that we don't have an ambassador to the senior diplomat to the to the to the far east we we have a low chaos at the level of diplomacy where what you need when there are high stakes is to have things buttoned up or buttoneddown one or the other because you and i are slightly older than this guy i can ask you a question like this what's the chance it say nixon to china moment.

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