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Well say you oppose. They're very hard to study and the reason is they don't appear in any pattern. All right. You know, you could do experiments in the lab with almost every other science kind of thing. You go out, You know, my undergrad degrees in astrophysics didn't go out the telescope and study stars and on and on et cetera central, But we can't just go out at a certain time and say We're going to go out and start a UFO tonight. Can't do it. And that's been a tremendous hindrance for us. You know all these years? Um, but so getting official interest is, for all the obvious reasons extremely important. And I'm just hoping this continues. Wow, It's fascinating stuff really is tell me a little bit about what you think of the declassified UFO videos that were taken by the Navy pilots that the Pentagon I think they're legitimate. I think that the that the tip of the iceberg, you know that that that they're not easily explained as Chinese drones. Or even our own drawings being tested against our our pilots, You know, you know, it doesn't make sense. They would do it in a way it occurred. Right? So I think there are explained. I don't think they're also. You know, I'm not just an aircraft or anything, You know, it's you know, people have tried to debunk. Um, I read through those efforts. I'm you know, I'm not convinced. But you know what? We need more data, and one problem is there is no secrecy. You know, there's a guy who ran a small UFO program in the government. It was funded through efforts by Harry Reid, the former senator from Nevada, right and called a chip and Louis L. Elizondo was the guy who ran this program, but, um, the program's results are still basically classified. You know, these radios have been released. But the program behind it, and the whatever else this programme was doing with Elizondo says was studied UFO's, Um this stuff has not been released, and not only that we don't even have like the Navy report on these videos on these sightings, so we're still very much in the dark as to the details on these things. And without that, I understand why, you know a scientist or we who is neutral to the subject. Well, maybe you oppose their interesting Maybe there now, I don't know is going to say, you know, Show me your data on this stuff, You know then, then I'll get really interesting. Right? Right. Right point. There isn't much right? Okay? Listen, mark. Fascinating stuff talking to you, President of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies their website that people can go to www dot c u F o s dot or compose dot org's folks dot org's Okay, mark. Thanks very much. Thank you. Okay. Mark Ratner. Everybody need to Giulio here on 7 20 W. Gina will be back. How does Aaron Rodgers know the guy's standing in the back of the corner of the end zone? When he's got seven guys we're about to tackle. Unlike Sam Macho, who probably experienced the photographic memory of Aaron Rodgers a couple of times, Sam, Welcome to W. GM. Thanks for being on today. We really appreciate it. Thank you guys for having me. I'm glad to be here. Does that Roger Story before we get into everything else that's going on. Is that ring true to you that he has that level of recall? Not to him. I think a bunch of athletes think people underestimate the way athletes speak about the athletes. You go back and talk to him. And then those two haven't haven't yet heard about any animals. The other thing that I thought was interesting. Found this. A Tesla engineer has invented something. Actually, he's retooled it. And I think to myself there are many things that an engineer might re tool. The thing that I didn't think of Wass the chocolate chip cookie. And that's when I realized Well, I guess during the pandemic, some of the Tesla engineers have some time on their on their hand. And there's a tie in cause afterall. Silicon Valley has long obsessed with computer chip. So why not chocolate chips? Okay, it's a stretch. But but none the nonetheless we've got. Remmy Remmy is a Los Angeles based industrial engineer working for Ellen Maas Musk. Tesla's And he has re engineered the chocolate ship for optimization. And you know, I I've yet to put anything in my mouth that I related to his dinner or even a snack that I thought was re engineered. But the more I think about it with what's in this stuff, especially from the frozen section. It probably has been re engineered. I don't know exactly why his chips are so preferred over the typical mass produce chips or squares or chunks, But he, uh he took years to Ah, perfect his mold. He did three D renderings. Of different options and shapes they see again. This is a guy at home. With time on, it can go to the restaurant. They're closed right, so and I know there's a number of people who are perfecting their cooking skills during this time. In fact, I've long postulated that the reason for the run on toilet paper was people realized they were going to have to eat their own cooking. There's a certain amount of truth to that. But But Remmy decided to go after the after the chocolate ship, and he, uh he has the whole process. Of course you'd know what he is an engineer, right? Yeah. I'd like to see this recipe written down. And he actually seven years ago took a course chocolate 101 I don't know where they teach that, but it's probably Los Angeles has a lot of extension courses. It's probably one of those, but not nonetheless. And he was. He was making good use of his time and now has perfected. I don't know if it will be on sale. But so far, I think that's best use of covert covert time. But maybe you've come up with something better. And I want you to tell me what it is. 8888765593 That's 88 88 R O L L Y E I'm rather James. And this is wg and radio.

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