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Anything else? Just wouldn't be smart. President Trump says the Fed's actions have handcuffed the economy and Trump says the major stock market indexes and economic growth would be higher today, if the Federal Reserve had not raised interest rates for times in the last year, the president says the economy will be growing much faster if the fed hadn't continually braised rates Lauren. Fathers in the United States tend to be better educated than men without children and relatively few men have children over age, forty these are some of the conclusions and a report released this week by the US census bureau, just in time for Father's Day report found that more than sixty percent of the one hundred twenty one million adult men in the US. We're fathers about three quarters of fathers are married. Almost thirteen percent of dads were divorced at eight percent had never been married. This is townhall dot com. Motors travel is ready Jackson Hole airport in north west Wyoming, as the best tiny airport in the United States here in grand Teton. National park beat out second place bozeman Yellowstone international airport in neighboring Montana. Although photos, did not specify what constitutes a tiny airport travel side, noted airline passengers arriving Jackson Hole or greeted by breathtaking views of the Teton range, the terminal includes leather chairs roaring. Fireplace Jackson Hole. Traffic numbers for the month of may showed a fifty eight percent increase in commercial activity over the same month last year round rocks reporting year today, passenger numbers have increased twenty one percent over record-breaking two thousand eighteen O J Simpson Saturday. Launched a Twitter account with video post in which the former football star said he's got quote a little getting even to do. The juice, did not elaborate what he meant by that. More of these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Patrick fos. To anywhere dot com. I hardy at the at the nine seven cancer. You're to.

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