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When she finished her song it was all just too much she had started the day the biggest biggest in the world and now she knew she was so much less than she had thought and the rest of the world was so much more something gave gave way in her chest and she burst into tears. Hey don't cry. Sally snapped her head up. Who had said that? Don't be afraid. Afraid another creature was wriggling out of the dirt and roots nearby. It was small nearly as small as Sally and looked almost the same. I'm a new vote. I'm your neighbor. Sally blinked at this strange new creature. My neighbor yeah I saw the bear. Roll your log and sneak chase. You and I thought you'd need some help if you got away bears snake. I don't know what you're talking about. Is this your first time out the nude asked it is sally replied. I just I feel so small I used I used to think I was so big and now I see I'm just so tiny I thought I was the most important but really I'm just so much less. She side and hung her head. We've all been there. The Newt said gently but being small doesn't mean you're worth I less. It just means you're small. It's just one thing about you. It's an important thing all Kinda said said the nude but not really I watched you your small and your quick and clever and friendly. You even managed to get away from a snake doc. Honestly who cares. How big you are I do I did? I don't know the Newt shook her head and smiled. You have more to learn than I thought she said. Come on. Let me help you get home. That sounds good. Sally said because it really really did the nude helped her home and from that day on they were fast friends. She lived under a log next door and and sally would visit her often. The Little Salamander always made sure to check for snakes. I but that was okay. She was just one small salamander and a great a big world after all even though it was scary sometimes and even though she wasn't the biggest she was happy to be a part of it and Sally Learns and even though she was small her part in the world could be any size. She wanted to make it any size at all the end. Today's story the biggest in the world was inspired by European folktales written for you by Daniel Hynes and perform perform for you. Buy Me Amanda Weldon with songs by US both if you would like to support stories podcast you can leave us. A five star review on I tunes make a monthly donation at Patriae dot com slash stories. Or simply. Tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening..

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