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That's the wraparound Lee that's the rapper let me let me change the question the other side of the question is can you treat a mentally ill person when he is on the street when he's homeless can you realistically expect him to show up for treatment no you have to be you have to have some teeth does he always was a pretty good movie yeah also the soul of yards very good exploitation I thought able four walls and he left ring the man you're able to help people to bring them to care until they get stabilized sufficiently that they are willing to stay with it because it becomes its own rewarding process and then they start looking back and then they're furious and people who left them on the street to languish and die they're furious of course they would be but you have to build a poor you have to give you have to have some ability to get them to the care because they will resist that the nature of the condition Anna signos Jr is the condition that prevents them from seeing and continuing in the care another issue that has come up locally is where do you do this where do you house and treat almost people especially well Leland we've been saying and I know that I know that that Dr head of hud a doctor van parked cars in cars is looking at federal buildings in old hospital buildings and large institutions where we can start to build these kinds of boarding care and outpatient facilities you know the do it New York City this animal Randall's island every night and while they're there they motivate them to get care some them to get care some of them were given a voucher to go back to the city to do as they please but every night they're brought to the board and care every night and guess what it works guess what you don't see this was set in Venice there mayor Garcetti has a proposed and I believe the city council is funded one hundred and forty bed homeless shelter to replace the MTA bus terminal on main street in Venice and also the parking lot will be replaced by eight of formerly homeless housing this is a proposal and of course people in Dennis are livid about this are up in arms they don't want to homeless people housed in their neighborhoods and it is been pointed out that the cost of each unit of housing if you include the value of the land is about half a million dollars of that I think it's over a million now getting up towards a million yeah but but that that so you know you have sixty thousand people how are you going to house people with those sorts of that kind of an accounting and then and it's wrong don't real irony David retentive can answer he can either he's a publisher the Santa Monica observer the real irony is the way they've designed those units with the small I know with why they put the tiny windows in no because it it makes it a green building do you know about people with mental illness that drives them to the street makes agreeing to see my first I will be so they can jump out the window they will not be able to tolerate that kind of a closed environment they will not tolerate it trust me watch what happens so you've built a film of a silly that specifically will not serve the people that are actually on your street so good luck with that so you know this is this is a mess and it's created by the politicians and the anyone getting in the way of treating these people is a murderer they're murdering people three year Diana street every day in Los Angeles county and it's time we actually did something about it the federal government's gonna come in they're going to eventually local government those ways the millions and millions and millions of our taxpayer dollars and getting worse is it going to be an epidemic of infectious disease epidemic the finally gets is going or the rate of death accelerates to ten or fifteen a day and what's the what's the body count need to be three is not enough to reach humans is not enough on real it's unreal go ahead David I want to commission at Santa Monica does have a large number of volunteer opportunities some through the city and some through private organizations such as meals on wheels and you can find these at the city's website and your listeners can individually get involved in this process contribute their time yeah looking at some Instagram pages and people are saying you know Santa Monica the pier is not safe there so d'oeuvres videos of homeless fighting fist fighting each other a homeless man threw a bottle at a girl in cash your head open over the weekend I mean people are like it's not even safe to go to Santa Monica anymore don't even go down there if you're if you're a visitor and I'm like that that's so sad because Santa Monica excuse me is to be one of the first places people would come to California and they'd want to go right to the pier see you know see the Ferris wheel go to the ocean look at everything and now people are like totally afraid to go there and we have two accounts one like Mister bond and had an opportunity to help on a homeless man what was that the divider where is that that like on similar now some yeah and who lit a fire under you know on the fire was put out and then obviously out of his mind and bonded same claim that they went back got him well no services I am brandished live footage of him than eight and was Rambo without a shoddy the next day in the same spot brandishing that attacking people that's the next day then he finally got arrested by police and guess what he's already on the street now but but this the criminalization of the mentally ill is the other crisis here we're creating we wait until either they are dying and end up in a hospital in that we have no place to put them or their threatening people's lives or they do something out of a illegal nature we now turn them over to the the the legal system neither of which is where they belong and we have a a city council it seems blind to this it's unbelievable but go ahead and do it almost people are both frequent perpetrators and victims of violent mass of yours yeah sure I say it all the time down on Skid Row too and this is cause people to lose patience there is a fellow in a wheelchair in my neighborhood who tells me that he was a certified nurse's assistant seven years ago he had a stroke and put him in a wheelchair and he gets disability checks but he was on the street in his wheelchair and if you talk to the crossing guard Roosevelt elementary school on Montana Avenue she says that he will I was sitting in his wheelchair in her role obscenities and insults at imaginary people Wall school children are crossing right he has a brain injury that brain injury should be treated and cared for it's a it's a tragedy it's it's no other country on earth doesn't provide for the peep the brain injured the brain ill it's just I think it's it do in a case like I'm describing that's a someone who needs a Friday commando deal airplay he needs a conservatorship and he needs to step in and those are people we have to be honest we have to say it out loud he may need care and be in custodial care for the rest having life is I worked at a facility myself where there was a lot of custodial care needs and patients that stay there decades there are three but there then go out on passes they could do all cards they are they are they are reconstitute area they're not decompensated the you gotta understand brain disorders the D. compensate until you create structure and treatment of various types and pharmaceutical interventions so they can be reconstituted and then sustained we know how to do this every other country on earth as it David we we have to say goodbye we appreciate your fighting the fight there is a in terms of how to change the laws are dot center John Morlock is coming up with a symposium this Saturday at nine AM at vanguard universe in Costa mesa they're going to look at these issue of lanterna patcher short act and the conservatorship PSE and try to figure out ways to change that they've gone up to Sacramento with families well these people have family members who are dying to get their family member home they were the law is going to take a hike yeah begging for help begging to get their loved ones homes lots of resources lots of relationships a bed waiting for them scram get out of there that's what our state thinks about this it's it's incredible you should talk to more like David okay well thank thank you for having me on Dr the back is a publisher of the St Martin server our numbers eight hundred two two two five two two to return your calls midday lives of ninety KABC ABC dependable traffic.

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