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Six five four four five am eight six six five four four six nine three six the super fourteen thousand nine hundred dollars. what's that noise. Tony George someone tractor was going on but the head of the drive through the west Covina traffic that this ongoing settler ten freeway eastbound side just before as you said their best getting unfortunately a fatal big rig accident you do have the car pulling left lane to get by but still having delays are coming up on twenty westbound say they tend to look at the factors still slow you down if you come away from the fifty seven over towards as you said the better to the six of five he's bound by the sixty it definitely feeling the after company there from the six of by that for the fifty seven you're still seeing some minor delays westbound say the sixty such from Mrs out four to six oh five as well hi northbound six of my connected to the five north found that was where I buy cipro down blocking the left lane of that transition but looks like they were finally able to get that out of the way so just minor delays on the six so five find the one oh five over towards the five freeway and getting your torrents rebound for five days before in Hawthorne there's a two car fender Bender black in the second lane from the right you'll see the brake lights that seventy much the one ten freeway your sector that stretched about seventy times happened line is eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three north bound for five sos again pretty heavy actually from sentry outside Santa Monica Boulevard the second one is sponsored by norm Reeves Honda superstore super clearance prices super selection don't miss an army of twenty nineteen model year clearance event with clearance pricing on every twenty nineteen in stock going on now is the norm Reeves Honda superstore shop online at norm resigned that dot com thank your traffic I'm Tony Jordan but a four three my. farmers insurance knows that when you're in the car and that song comes. no not that one. well yes that's the one. you have no choice but to pull out your imaginary drumsticks and slash those symbols and stop on that kick pedal. unfortunately is also known as the accelerator pedal and we covered it at farmers we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two click for more we are farmers. one hundred my farmers took for insurance exchanges and affiliates products available in every state. repair your vehicle for the weather ahead during Super start battery month that'll Reilly auto parts with great deals on batteries and accessories plus top off with peak long life universal pre mix and a freeze in school and for just ten.

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