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Men language it turns out to be nonsense right in the context of the drain. It seems like it makes sense but once you wake up and he tried to put it into words. It's nonsensical some dreams can be literal and prosaic. You know you can put them in worse but many of them are just you know when you try to formulate men words you know it just sounds like nonsense which is really whenever anybody i think goes from one dimension to another and their minds. They're forced to nonsense to talk about a transition into some other kind of reality like the asher drawings the people on the mill will for example. You see the water going down the mill going over the wheel and then it goes down and then turned angle and then goes down again and then goes down again and then turns another thing goes down again. And it's right back up at the top of the mill wheel right and you can take those drawings. And you could with a ruler. And a protracted or you could describe that whole two-dimensional surface but when you try to describe what's in picture you get into talking nonsense so i think that we've got to prepare ourselves fang that in order to comprehend the afterlife in any sort of rational way that we've got to take charge and really change our own minds and that means but we've got to be able to think about things that don't make sense and logical way and there's a very specific reason why we can't by the way i'm a great lover and admira of aristotle but one of his deficits or difficulties was that he was so literal minded whereas his master. Plato have been trying to figure out. Not just how intelligible and meaningful and literal and figurative language works but he was also trying to figure out how nonsensical language works and he had gone quite away way with he figured out that there's different kinds of nonsense or different types. Like if i say to you. Twas brill again the slide tubs. That's nonsense but now listen to this. Holiness breeds the vestige. You'll lipstick with spontaneity. That's nonsense to the different types of nonsense right. Or listen to this thirds. Sentence that campbell. You men just eight was the last one in this county. That's nonsense to but yet a different time. Or if i say hat thoroughly the f. zone how that he had a different type of nonsense or if i say by with the novel yo yo you know that's i've over seventy different patterns and types of nonsense and each one of those types has its own specific effects on the mind so what aristotle did when he codified the logic that you use it right now and that exist in our society. That was too much for him. You know to hire hurdle that you could make sense of things that don't make sense. And so therefore since he had such an enormous effect on our thinking then we are here and twenty twenty one. We're unable to think logically if we come up against something. That's nonsensical now. What i'm saying whether great mana confidence and i'm willing to be refuted on this. I want people to look at what i say and try to find a hole in it..

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