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Midtown seventy Guinness clearing midday. I'm Debra Valentine. Now. What's trending on seventy seven WABC and WABC radio dot com. Reminders of the nine eleven attacks as the F, D, N, Y responded to a helicopter crash on the roof of midtown. Skyscraper Monday afternoon at seventh avenue at fifty I three prompted a big evacuation. Nathan works on the twenty ninth floor of that building. The building shake it felt like somebody healed, you really hard. There's no connection to terrorism. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum has details with the helicopter came down hard on the roof of the office tower, a few blocks north of times, where people at their desks, felted throughout the building, you feel the building shake by ten minutes later. We heard the loudspeaker the guy reported, we need to vacuum. Police commissioner. James O'Neill said, the only person on board the veteran helicopter pilot died. The helicopter took off from the thirty fourth street heliport about eleven minutes. Later finished on the roof weather conditions were bad at the time it was raining in the cloud, ceiling was lower than the one thousand foot level, which is usually enough to keep most helicopters on the ground. Steve Kastenbaum in midtown Manhattan, the experienced pilots certified as an instructor last year, Tim McCormack of Clinton corners, New York had taken off from the thirty fourth street helmet. Pat and route to Linden New Jersey when he crashed landed the helicopter was privately owned and used by American continental properties, a real estate company and poppy ex Red Sox player. David Ortiz has arrived in Boston for medical treatment after being shot at a club in his native.

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