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Their trip is to think about flying not into CASA book, so cousins Lunka is the hub for a lot of international trips. So if anybody out there listening in there, you know, flying through the by flying from southeast Asia are flying from north America South America in doubtedly. Like, if you're gonna look for a ticket to Morocco, it's gonna end up in CASA Blanca, and that is not necessarily the way. I would go about it a CASA Blanca despite the name cachet from the probably movie in all that it's not a very romantic city. It's it's busy. You know? It's Morocco's biggest city. You have to dig deep to find its charm. I think and I think once you've been through Morocco seen some other places than 'cause it's a little easier to find at Trump because the blond guy feel, but I mean for what you're imagining for what most people magin in their heads. It's a hell of a lot easier to fly to Europe a spend a night. Get over your jetlag spend a night Madrid spent a night in Barcelona's Paris US tonight London in fly directly from one of the European capitals into American ten year because you can go immediately into these kind of more interesting cities that have a bit more of that, you know, old world charm that I think draws a lot of us to Morocco. So that's usually the first kind of tip. I tell people is if you can don't plan cuss Manca plan to any other city. You can there's another solid reason for this as well beyond his cause of Lanka because the of block airport is the busiest also usually has the longest custom. Lines. So for example, if I'm flying into Casablanca, I I don't think I've spent less than an hour on the customs line there. It's it's almost nearly always an hour long for me to get through customs there. Tanger- takes me ten minutes. Marrakesh stakes me ten minutes. It's been rare have had to wait more than fifteen minutes in for customs line in any other city. So this is this is kind of like just a start your trip off on the right?.

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