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Doctors had run several tasks without confirming much him wanted to run more but virgil was getting antsy his headache had subsided and he was starting to worry about the cost those tests would rack up he checked himself out of the hospital april ninth the day that police would later contend retha died will go into more detail next episode about what led investigators to virgil but for now just know that he was taken into custody a week after the slaying a stunts ably for violating his parole on april twenty eight the few days after murder charges against him were announced virgil gave an interview to inquirer reporter mike pulsipher he said men that there was no way he killed retha period but especially not just hours after he was discharged from the hospital virgil called the accusation preposterous and said he was being framed quote i've been to prison before but i'm not a murderer anyone that knows me they know that i'm not capable of this the some psychotic to me and quote virgil said he didn't stay with wreath after his hospital stand she had visited him in the hospital monday he said and he had talked to her by phone and asked her to drop off some close for him to wear but he said he never made it across the river to her home and she didn't come to pick him up in lebanon or cincinnati thirty years later his story hasn't changed so she she got your clothes and you yourself out of will miss she didn't bring with co heat.

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