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The fact that the cadet i serena j richie dave told with their force happy tonight it's the final regularseason home game where has the two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen season gone wild airforce and cady she has no score after the first twenty minutes of play your first period intermission is brought to you by first command financial services coaching those who serve in their pursuit of financial security after tonight the falcons round the road next week to wrap up the regular season more head to the steel city the other steel city not poor blow but pittsburgh pennsylvania just outside of pittsburgh northwest of the downtown area out near the airport we is wound township and the i'll sports center it's the home of the i'm robert morris university coached by former air force assistant coach and associated coach gareth screw it added a pretty good year a good second half of the season and the falcons will wrap up the two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen great new season with two rogue gains next week against the colonials out in the pittsburgh area and then after that it just depends how how things go as far as the standings and the post season barings in seedings depending on the standings in atlanta cocky we'll take another break we'll come back with more the first innovation after this on the air force img sports network presented by usa are.

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