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Although I remember my dad years and years and years ago talking about those things that you just don't want to discuss, even in family settings when you have, you know different parts of your family getting together. Politics was one religion was one in money, he said. Those three things You just want to stay away from because you know all three of those things bring out the absolute worst in people. You know, they just they want to argue about stuff. If you don't believe what they believe the urine idiot and you wind up getting pissed off one of your family members or close friends, And it's really what have you accomplished? So I get that I think people are scared to talk about it. Yeah, This is the worst I've ever seen It. In my lifetime. I've never seen it. This divided where it used to be. You could have a real respectful discourse. Sure about everything, not just politics, but everything but now you get shut down. People get angry, and people want to cancel you out if they don't agree with your opinion, and so it has gotten very, very tricky, especially Talking about politics in 62% of Americans are afraid to share their political beliefs. I think it's it could even be higher than that. Not us. That's what's making it so hard to pull the election coming up. I agree. Three or 3713855 often. Minneapolis we go. We welcome, Susan. Good morning, Susan. Good morning. How you guys doing? Good. Good. Um Fuping, everyone. Yeah, I'll take a poll this year I might not have in the past, but I don't care who knows what he's okay. So yes, I would do it. On the phone. For that one. The second thing that called was about the fire alarms living heart. I write. And if it's not something in a certain area, like the whole building's on fire, it'll only ring a mole inside of a home. You don't hear it, really. But if it's a major one Then they put another alarm in the whole building. He hears and that Marlon did go up over the air, too. We heard it, though. Okay, so something must have heard it apparent. We didn't hear it on the third floor. We're on the fourth right now. Yeah. Okay. Thank you, Susan. Well, we know, at least we know now the fourth for was secure. Yeah, I don't know if that's comforting, but the third floor would have gone up in smoke. Well, we asked her sister station. They didn't hear it either next to us, and they're like, No, they're kind of freaked out. Kind of scared him a little bit. Pittsburgh. Kurt is next on news radio. Dave Ragan, Kathy on a Thursday morning. What's up, Curt? Hey, How you doing? Good. Allow answer. I used to answer polls on 58. So that wasn't a problem. But lately, I'm not so worried about Ah, being, you know. Ah knocked out of a conversation or something like that. I did a poll on YouTube and then I just start just got it cascaded with phone calls and e mails and new tubes. It just went crazy. So that's why I won't do it now on Ah! On any online all the algorithms kick in on those types of of surveys and polls and then you get bombarded. For the next year with all that kind of stuff, so that more leering It was it was filling all my my in box and all that. And the other thing was, I don't answer unknown. Phone numbers. So I guess I've just blocked a bunch that way and then when? If they don't leave a voicemail I blocked that number because I consider it a. If you want to talk to me leave a voicemail. That's what voice mail's for. Okay, I'll go offline. Hi, Kurt. Thank you. Security isn't doesn't doesn't answer those a cz well, 32% of people worry that their political views could harm their employment. So, yeah, you don't want to. You don't want to put that information out if you think it could affect Your employment situation, too. That's how bad it's gotten. That's how divided we are right now. Listen, It's even divided in your own workplace, right? You gotta be careful what you say to co workers. It has never been Mohr. Ah! Inflammatory. I don't think it's never we've never experienced amore. Argumentative time where people are so polarized in this country on a on a variety of issues right now, you've got cove in 19. You've got all sorts of Unrest in the country and cities. It's you know, I mean, you just You got to be careful. That's just a recommendation. You gotta be careful what you say. And who you say it, too. By the way. One thing you don't have to be careful about is making sure people know the Rockies air back as I mentioned tomorrow. The Rockies Open the season in Texas. That's against the Rangers. Rocky's on deck. Right here on K O in News Radio, 94 1 FM and 8 50 k o A AM Theon Dex Show begins the 5 25 1st pitch at 605 with Jack Corrigan and Mike Reiss. You'll hear the Rockies all season long on Lee. On K Away news radio. We've done plenty of waiting on plenty of hoping No is here. Colorado Rockies baseball Because you can't.

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