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Damn coffee hot. We're talking about all the stuff we talk about here. Next up everywhere you doctor who torchwood Sarah Jane Adventures, all kinds of books. Sifi goodness news another podcast for the southgate, media group including the aforementioned Fan Zone podcasts where Jesse Ni- like you said, talk just talked the umbrella Kademi season one. We've had some requests to do other stuff. So we would be doing that here shortly was we're still deciding that titan talk the titans podcast where DJ? Nikolai. Recently finished up all season two and with titans and doom patrol currently on hiatus the podcast we'll, probably. high-heeled hiatus for a little while although I'm hoping, we'll get some news out of DC fan dome this Saturday and get a better idea of maybe when we'll find out when we're going to get tightened season three. So fingers crossed for that and then ghost with twin peaks podcast. That was sprouse whom of course, you've heard here on next stop everywhere and will. Again. Very, very soon as a right now you know we talk, of course, twin peaks and David Lynch and right now we're about to be recording the third of our six part series of episodes where twin peaks actors that have appeared on the x files. Oh. Yeah. We've been loving that series that's been. You know it's been great David do Coveney of course. Twin peaks actor who played. Special. Agent Denise Bryson on twin peaks. Now, of course, ends up becoming Fox Mulder, special? Agent Fox mulder. So this time we're going to be talking about Michael Horse, who of course played deputy chief Hawk on twin peaks and turns up in the episode shapes from the first season of the x files. That's what we're going to be discussing tomorrow. And that should be out later this week. So hope everybody checks that out and we've got a lot of great feedback on our x-files little retrospective. and. Like said, we still have three more to go after this one. So hope everybody check us out on ghost with twin peaks podcasts. And a lot of fun in, of course, my hey. Next time. My next step everywhere episode two, hundred of next on. The MIC. So there was much rejoicing. So episode two hundred been a little serious about what we're GonNa talk about and who's going to be appearing. So right now I. think it's a great time to finally reveal that episode two hundred we're getting the band back together. If you listen to our episode one fifty where we discussed the stolen earth, Journey's end here it up. So two hundred, we're GONNA be talking that Pandora opens in the Big Bang. The two parts. Series five finale from the Matt Smith era with yours truly because hey, there's no way I'm going to do one hundred and ninety nine episodes next everywhere and not do episode two hundred. Arrests along with my fellow partner in time Jesse Jackson. Yes. And special guest companions joining us once again, and we're getting the band back together like I said. So we have ZANDT sprouse. My wonderful ghost would the twin peaks podcast co host with the most? Dj. Nick. My fellow Titan talker going to be returning John tackes one of our favorite special guest companions. So get your research ready for John. Because lots to do his homework in we're we love it when John, dozens homework and of course Chris team. Paryski last but not least who I'm sure we'll have one or two thoughts on our rating system once again. But. But we love Christine and we're so glad that she and all the others are going to be joining us once again for this very, very special episode fingers crossed the ban with holds up. that. Is a lot of people and. We're obviously probably have to go without cameras but Jessie. Are you excited because I? Know I'm excited about this I'm very excited and I am I mostly happy because I love talking to all these people and I always love Charles being ringleader and traffic cop when it's this many people. And do okay with the moderating. Thank you. Do I do a great job. So yes, this'll be a lot of fun though with three we went an hour and forty minutes I don't want to think along. This we may have to do this into it where we did kind of talk about ten minutes about. Other stuff off the air yes we get started. We should wrap this up but I did want to kind of break the news here on next up everywhere little bonus for everybody that was patient enough to listen to us to the very end rob. Thank you so much for joining us. I. Hope. I had a great. You know I I apologize for being way too long to have you on our podcast but I'm so glad you agreed to join us and. You brought a lot to the table as always and I really appreciate you joining us here. Hey, I'm always happy guest I love talking you guys. I hope this is the last time we see you sir next. Anytime anytime, just let me know and I'm down and I guess on any of those shows. So absolutely that's great. Thank you for all the support you do allow us to. Get to play and and you know Charles and I have a blast every week talking Dr who and and we appreciate all the support you and Molly and and you know Everyone does it gives to us that it just amazing the support, the southgate family gives us a we appreciate all of you Martha me and yourself so thank you without you guys. So we appreciate you. Well, you know you've been wonderful. You know hosting us for the past six years. I can't even begin to express how much that really means to both of us right here getting a little fuck limped just thinking about it but you know it it does mean a lot inouye. To give you the best podcast, we can do an awesome job now for for like I said a couple of amateurs just kind of winging it but we try to have his frost over I'd say you're pros. Seen. His cheques come in. So until I started. Until I start seeing some I. Don't know if you'll see. I know exactly so. So I kind of consider myself an amateur until it start genus checks rolling but just finish audio. Yeah. Come on. Where's the love? We. Give you love with some. Give a little back right. All right. So micro influencers they should. Just put that out there. All right, everybody. Thanks again for listening. We really appreciate you guys. We appreciate the support rob. Thank you so much for hosting us and for appearing here this episode. Jesse, thank you as always. You're always great I. Love Charleston Among Back Episode Two hundred next up everywhere six years in the making on this one, it's going to be great that we got to great stories to talk about the dark opens big, Bang Lots of wonderful people to talk about this with. Dan Dj Nick John Christine I don't have to talk anymore about it. Do I know of course I don't because you're there right. So come on back next week for episode two hundred and we'll see next time right here next up everywhere the doctor who podcast good-bye Everybody Goodbye WanNa go..

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