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Wasn't perfect for Boeing's starliner capsule made it to space docked with the International Space Station and returned to earth However nobody was in the capsule and it's not clear when it will be ready for a crude flight Christian Davenport is covering it for The Washington Post and spoke with Taylor van zeiss Landing and reentry seem to go just fine but take us back to when the starliner ran into problems when in the test flight did that happen Yeah there were some problems on its way to the International Space Station after launch where two of the thrust thrusters at the spacecraft uses to get it on that path toward the space station And to get on the correct orbit sort of we're cut short sensors on the spacecraft sense of problem cut down those thrusters but the good news is they have backups there is redundancy another one kicked in immediately and they were able to get on the correct orbit right to the International Space Station As it got closer there are these smaller thrusters that the spacecraft uses to position itself Again they had a couple of problems with those but still were able to dock successfully And as you mentioned they came home just fine And the whole point of the flight though is a test is to see how the spacecraft performs without astronauts on board It's autonomous They wanted to get out all of the kinks before they put NASA astronauts on board And they were able to troubleshoot those problems and still do it successfully and now they're looking for that crude flight though you're right We don't know when it's going to be just yet Just as a layman with a little experience working on a little motorcycle and some cars it seems though these are significant failures still but is the whole test considered a failure or a success if a booster goes out or a thruster goes out I think they consider this a success because they achieved all of the objectives that they wanted to do This spacecraft was launched It got to the International Space Station that did some maneuvering actually around the station to test it It approached and then stopped and about the space station came back home plunged into the atmosphere the heat shield held As it came through the atmosphere there were temperatures about 3000° the parachutes deployed fine So they see this as yes some issues They're going to have to go back look at the data see if they have to make any changes before they put astronauts on board but that was again the point of the whole flight I mean it was a test they want to have a test without problems without any astronauts on board so that by the time they fly astronauts it goes smoothly and they're going to go back and culturally fix these things before they put crews on And from what you saw and what's been reported does this at least indicate that Boeing fixed that long list of other problems that hit the starliner since that failed test back and I think it was 2019 like December 2019 Yeah no that's right Absolutely This was their third attempt to do this slight the first one was in December 2019 They had a software problem So the spacecraft didn't even get to the International Space Station Then they were trying again last summer and they didn't even get off the ground There were some spouse that were stuck in the service module All the indications are the software in particular very well You don't know what the thruster problems were exactly if they were related to any kind of valve issues that are going to look at that But they were able to launch it again The good news is it docked with the station and came home but they're going to look in troubleshoot all of those issues before putting the astronauts on Christian Davenport with us on northwest news radio covering the space industry and intergalactic business for The Washington Post you can find his work online at Washington Post dot com Christian thank you That's Taylor van seiss Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio Tech shares led stocks to strong gains today The S&P 500 rows 79 points the Dow Jones Industrial sleeps 516 and the tech heavy NASDAQ composite soared 306 or 2.7% Shares of Amazon jumped 4% while Microsoft gained 1.3% Mixed quarterly results out of Costco after today's closing bell the warehouse club chain matched expectations with per share earnings of $3 four cents exceeded projections in terms of revenue $52.6 billion but came up a bit short with same store sales Also reporting after the close gap posted a decline in first quarter sales and slashed its full year profit guidance The retailer said business was particularly weak at its old navy chain In response gap shares are tumbling in after hours trading That's your money now I'm Jim chesko northwest news radio An actor who had a major role in one of the greatest baseball movies has died Bill Schwartz remembers the man who played shoeless Joe Born in Newark New Jersey in 1954 Raymond Alan leota abandoned an orphanage and adopted by a local couple fittingly leota would become a central figure in a sports movie with a powerful message about family It's definitely about a father and son relationship And they don't make many movies like that for guys and it's really emotional It really is There's a lot of guys would cry when they saw that And I've had a lot of people come up to me and say you know because of that movie they play with their kids more You know that time goes and you're busy working and before you know it you know time's up and the cradle That's ray leota during a 2009 interview with American Film Institute Talking about his portrayal of a talented but infamous baseball player from the early 1900s What a story it'll make Shoeless Joe Jackson comes to Iowa Joe Jackson was part of the 1919 black Sox scandal several ball players from the Chicago White Sox conspired to fix the World Series Build it and he will come as the famous line based on WP kinsella's novel shoeless Joe The 1989 film field of dreams starred Kevin Costner as an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball park in the middle of a cornfield attracting the ghosts of baseball legends Great concealer.

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