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How interesting. The region's moving into phase number two starting on Monday. Are almost certainly the region's most people right now are listening to me live in We're talking about the Puget Sound Region Stone, which county King County Pierce County. And the West region as they labeled Grays Harbor, Pacific Thurston and Louis counties. That is a large swath. Of space for people to finally Go into phase number two. I'm not complaining. We're in phase number two. I think we should be in Fey's number three or four. However, let us all just for a moment. Note the timing of this. So what does it mean that we're in phase number two, when a region just remind folks from the region moves to phase two restaurants may have indoor dining up to 25% of capacity. So that's good for restaurants, the restaurants that have been struggling the restaurants that by the way, Governor Jay Inslee will destroy with these fines coming from labor and industry despite the restaurants they're going after for staying open, not having any Cases of Cove ID that they were responsible for. And again will note the timing of this and the fact that we're reopening having not the metrics. That he had set for the state. He is now telling restaurants that stayed open because they did not meet the metrics. Insley stayed with this. There is no one else noticing this. He's breaking his own rules. But the restaurants that broke his rules get punished and destroyed ultimately because none of these restaurants can afford the tens of thousands of dollars or the over $100,000 in fees. Have may endure fitness centers. Jim's can't open now. No more excuses, fatty, make fat face over there. Why are you treating the intern like that? It was I was looking at you. Oh, I was in turns over there into fake intern Ian is rather fit. Yeah, I know. I live in the shadow. Okay. He's literally doing squatch. Right now. You can go to the gym. Dude, you don't have to do it here anymore. Starting on Monday in face to sports competitions may resume with Just real quick sports competitions may resume right Yeah. Have the Seahawks just Yeah. Limited Spectators so limited Spectators so you could go to the Mariners came and all kind of be like normal. The managers don't start for another three months. I mean, it's close. We're getting closer to the pre season. You know that the warmer what do they call it? Spring training that you might get to like a Thunderbirds game. Or if Europe north and Everett Silver Tips came, Yeah. What about the rain here? They start after the Mariners. What.

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