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Pickford moved past the ball, sort of like a physical question. That's such a question. That's a question about time and space and dimension. And dimension. Yeah. Which is interesting. I mean, of course it does both. Jordan Pickford is very, very good at moving past the ball. And the ball is very, very good at moving past Jordan Pickford. A very different goal in an Everton shirt is in the national team Jersey. That of course is also about time and space. But I always feel bad after we've had a little Jordan Pickford session roger. I always go bad because this Augustus Caesar stuff, right? He is just a phenomenal goalkeeper. He would not be representing his country, playing for Everton football club, were he not absolutely incredible. He is an athlete, he can dive, he has resilience, you see him make it outstanding saves all season. So I always feel like we're a little bit unkind to him. But there is something somewhat comical about him as a goalkeeper. Just watching balls fly past him the whole time. You know, I love Glen. Can I ask you one favor? Can you put yourself on mute for a second? 'cause we're just rocking with the jukebox that you're standing on. Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry. I love it. Very fancy. What are you thinking? You can kill one anytime. You beautiful hear me. I love your question. Does the ball move past pictures of this picture move past the ball? Because it's like the most zen question that I have ever thought about either a zen question or the name of the next LC LCD sound system album. But the reality is I when I try and think about that, it does spend my mind in every way. And I wonder whether you're hinting if John Pickford is actually some kind of a deep born again Buddha figure, I can imagine I like to think of him waking up and saying to himself, each morning, we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. And his job is not to keep out girls, but to utterly dispense comet with them in every regard. And I adore that. I honestly think he's a fantastic goalkeeper. I think his distribution is amazing. I think that if I do often wonder if Jordan Pickford was at a bloody good team, how good could he be? And I think that with Everton, ultimately, we are backline buckles so regularly. So often and for a goalkeeper, the quality of shots that he's exposed to, the number of goals he lets in, it just builds it undermines it destroys a human being's confidence. We had him on the show last year and I was struck by his psychological honesty and it's a side of the game that he's really working on. As he made me speaking to him, spending time with him made me laugh less and admire him more, the tenacity, the fortitude, the perseverance that he shows taught them were often in for Jordan Pickford. And I think ultimately he's a human being, I would love, you know, the graph thing. That's how he talks about his game. The grafting, or putting the graft. And I'd love that graph. He is a human being, Glenn Dowling. The deserves is reward. And it's one of those players that I honestly think could be so much happier the other phrases in mind of it. He used about 87 times in our interviewers hitting levels trying to hit levels. That was like his answer to many, many. I think he can probably hit better levels than he currently is reversed, and it pains me to say it. But it's it could be a matter of another team and he could really look at ramsdale. He could really look at next level. Let us call up. Let us call up a great friend at a party. They wonderful human being. Someone who brings us joy on steel can be with us. Hello, everyone. It's only still where are you and what's your question, your beautiful human being? I'm in the boogie down Bronx, which I assume is more of a rod city than a Devo city. Dave has got some Bronx spots, haven't you? I think I probably, I don't know. I hang out with quite a lot of people from The Bronx as my girlfriend's family from up there. Well, next time you're up, hello. At the glorious yacht club, we'll love to have you. Oh, the yacht club sounds peak daylight. That's not speak devil. I actually thought about this. I actually did a little math on this and I think that Devo cities are Formula One cities and rod cities are NASCAR cities. That's my kind of working premise right now. Oh my God, that is a PhD. That is a piece of NASCAR Martinsville, Virginia, yeah. Great in these places, rod. Honestly, bet your arm off to go to Martin's world Virginia David. Dave, you could be an Abu Dhabi and just like doing it up and whatever. Do I get Talladega? Yeah, absolutely. A 100%. I don't need to know anymore. I'm a 100% but Las Vegas is the one in question, I think. A little bit more IndyCar. He's a little bit more IndyCar. Just to be clear, I'm not really that into cars. You don't need to be in cars. It's not about it's food. Food and stuff like that. I also want to make it clear, Benny is a big NASCAR fan. So I had one of those like Instagram and Facebook memories from a couple days ago. And it was from 8 years ago when it was the men in blazers panto with the worst time I met the glorious, the glorious Jason Kennedy, as we all was one of the greatest people of all time. And I don't really have a question for you, but I would like to you guys to explain to the men in blazers universe who what a panto is and why in 1978 seeing rod hole in the emu panto was like the greatest thing ever. So anyway, I love you guys. Thank you so much. I wish you the happiest of holidays. I miss you. I hope you like my new icon because the only way I come in green room is for you guys. And I will talk to you soon. It's only stale. You have beautiful human being. We do wish you. And all steels, Donny steel sun play football. With my second son, he was already a longtime GFAP and it gave me great joy. Always gives me great joy to watch my kids play sports, but to stand by Donnie Steele and to be able to shoot the crap and watch both of our kids play sports with some of our missed terribly, but David, what is a pancake? Did you know did you grow up going to panto? Of course I did. I mean, there were very English tradition that doesn't translate through to. But when we did our first live show, it was actually David's idea. And he's going to explain what a panto is now, but he said, let's call him the cooler the men in blazers pants they were like do it. You remember that? When DOM was talking, I was thinking, what are you talking about? You've just reminded me. The only reason I remember the only reason I named God bless is because I was home in England two weeks ago. And my dad over his desk has a photo. My dad has a massive photo of himself and my youngest daughter first game of football away at Stoke City on a snowy freezing day. And he has a second.

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