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And Vijay, I'll tell you what. We had a match up earlier today on a Penn State, Ohio State. It was close until it wasn't, right? And I tell you what, that Ohio State team is one that I think that a lot of America thinks is competing for a playoff spot as their top of the Big Ten with Michigan, especially after defeating Penn State, but that game to me was much closer than the final score indicated. And Penn State was right to cover that 15 and a half. Like you said you had. Yeah, absolutely. First of all, what's up, everybody? Who's going to on Mars what's up? What's going on? Chilling, man. My mom said, listen, listen, let's get right into this. We ain't gonna wait. Let's get right into this Ohio State and Penn State game. Now, everybody knows I'm a big Michigan fan. You're mischievous I'm huge, music fan. I'll tell you right now. I ain't never, ever seen anything in the history of college football to Ohio State's ever done that's impressed me. Ever. Ever. I don't care what player you give me. I don't care what game was situation with year with coach, never. Nothing they've ever done has ever impressed me, but what they showed me today. In the history of the football program. In the history of the football program. Well, they've never done anything ever to impress me. The dot in the eye, the horseshoe filling in extra bleachers. It's not the horseshoe anymore, so you can't call it that, 'cause you put bleachers there. All right, we're off to a hot start. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're all so hard, but what they showed me today was growth. So what I'm gonna do is show you all growth. Today, for the first time in my entire life, I was thoroughly impressed with the Ohio State buckeyes in the way they won that game today in a way they stuck together on the road in the conference, not playing their best against a lesser opponent and state and we'll get into hopefully to James Franklin later on in the show. But not a program that you think is going to win the Big Ten this year or even sniff a playoff. They're not that program. But to win the way they did today in the have a guy and I want to make sure I get his name right. JT moa Lau. Two them all out. That young man is a Sunday guy. That young man, I've never seen nothing like that at Penn State since Charles Woodson went in there with Michigan in 98 against Joe Jared vicious and Kyle Brady and Kerry Collins at quarterback and the single handedly stole that game from them with the way he shut down Joe Jerry visions. He had the third down long completion from Brian greasy that really got Michigan's offense going that couldn't move the football ended up scoring. He had to touch down that game. Like, I haven't seen a guy go into happy valley. And have a performance like they did today. I was thoroughly impressed with Ohio State and I like seeing it 'cause it lets me know Michigan better be on top of their game for the resident season 'cause November 26th, it's going down. That's interesting you say that because I wasn't as impressed with the Ohio State as you were. Now period stop. Your boy, your boy, JT. JT two or more loud. Two of them will allow a problem. Okay, a problem. A day one draft pick. I'm talking about, you know, it was interesting. There was number one overall stuff. I saw today. It was interesting to watch, especially because levar arrington was there being honored during the game at halftime foxworth radios on levar arrington to watch edge rusher just dominate a game in that way, okay? Because I mean, from start to finish, he had Penn State's offense and absolutely Alcatraz. Now, going from there, you had Sean Clifford, I saw your tweets about him and you and everybody else in America. How is this guy still dismissed? Because it has been 5, 6 years now at this point. The guy can't look, he can get his own rental car. He's still driving. She's still playing college football. Yeah. You know, so that's another why is he still here? But the thing that concerned me about Ohio State is they had a chance to put that game, put that game away early. Clifford gave it to him on a platter. And then you had miss field goals, lack of execution, Ohio State of the first three or four possessions inside their own 40, only walked away with three points. And that to me gives me as a Michigan fan, and we'll see what Michigan does here 'cause again, like you like to always say. Rivalry game at night, you know what I'm saying? Wild things can happen. Michigan should take care of business. Should take care of business. But it made me as a Michigan supporter feel better because this Ohio State team doesn't seem to look. They couldn't run the ball until travian Henderson broke out that 40 yard run. In terms of the efficiency that we are used to seeing from certain teams or the efficiency that we're used to seeing at the high levels of college football, we haven't seen it in this year and to me in my opinion the Alabama and the Ohio State. But you know why excuse that? Because that's going to happen. When you go on the road against a decent to good quality opponent on national television, everybody's patent you in

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