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Eyebrows are wonderful all eyebrows. Yeah that's totally true. There's I I guess I was. referencing all the witnesses are sort of centered around the Chalupa conspiracy but then there is also people like Adam Schiff like calling Adam Schiff as a witness ridiculous ridiculous. Yeah calling the whistle blower obviously ridiculous. Yeah it's like no dudes get some all the people who were relevant to to what actually happened not all the people but yeah it's it's it's their requests are absurd the end when trump himself said he wouldn't come come talk about someone that should be there to answer for their conduct or for the conduct. That's being talked about the president himself. Democrats tried asked to come and he said he wouldn't come anyway. Yeah and what I would have liked to have heard which I didn't feel like I heard enough of is every single Democrat that spoke the first words out of there out of their mouth should be like we would have loved to expand this investigation and had more evidence but all of seventy one items Records and testimony. We asked for were blocked by the White House stonewalled obstruction of Congress. So this is what we've got and it's still enough. Because trump admitted to it on in an interview on television was and he asked for the aid on television. He has for more aid from China on television. And then Mulvaney came out and said yeah there was a quid pro quo get over it so we have direct act non hearsay evidence of this particular thing. Being an impeachable offense AKA bribery. At least as we understood it back. During the time that the framers wrote the constitution but also criminally criminally. Today I think it would qualify as well and that was another thing that upset me about the Democrats. They were sort of wavering. In waffling on the well you know bribery as we see it today in the criminal code isn't really what we're talking about we're talking about the old. Og bribery that you know happened before we had a criminal code of law. But I I the I have spoken to multiple prosecutors who say that they could easily get a criminal conviction on today's definition of bribery and to why they would back off and ease up on that it was a weak weak spot and I think Republicans attacked. I think so too and so this was sort of the whole over. Arching theme today is that the Democrats were like we have enough evidence to impeach and the Republicans were like. You're going too fast. You need more evidence that I was pretty much what the I think. The overall arching thing is and I've been saying I do not want to impeach by Christmas. I mean I get the the argument that the simpler we keep it the better off. We are but with Deutsche Bank capital one mazaar ways and means muller grand jury materials and mcgann cases being fast attract through the Supreme Court. Right now I think we should wait until we get these witnesses that we want and I think we should wait for Bolton and Kupperman and Malvinas testimony. which could be compelled by the Supreme Court decision in the mcgann case and? I think we should wait until we get the molar. Grand Jury Material December tenth. We'll find out from Judge Leon of government has to testify The more grand jury material will prove that trump lied to molar caller. A very easy impeachment articles. And that's what Clinton went down for So I'm I'm for hitting the brakes and getting all the information. In fact McConnell wants wants the trial in the Senate by January and I have we should never want what McConnell wants. Yeah go ahead did you see that Senate Senate calendar Yeah. Okay yeah the Senate. They released their calendar for next year. anuary missing I would hope that they block out some time for March and April personally for This during Watergate impeachment hearings began in November articles voted on in February I believe No they opened it in February articles in in June resigned in July. I'll have to look at the time line again but it was a longer timeline. In that case was very simple as well. This is a multinational criminal. Enterprise so Turley the Republican witness even said. I'm not saying you can't impeach. You just can't do it this way. Like he's basically saying. Oh this is impeachable stuff. You just shouldn't do it this way. You need more information. You can rely on formation rather than inference. So I recommend if you're listening Nancy Pelosi The dumbs listen to that. Though I suspect act I I suspect this policies plan all along. I don't think Pelosi plans to impeach by Christmas. But we'll see she might have the plan where they impeach in house by Christmas and pull all this shit in the Senate trial. I don't know yeah I wanted to go. Good go ahead. I wanted to go back to a point that you said about or the Republicans are saying that they want to call more fact fact witnesses and it's I think why that particular point is particularly infuriating to me. Is You have Kazuko intentions of getting more information from these witnesses. All you want to do is call these people so you can just continue to spew the same bullshit for a longer amount of time. You don't care about getting new information from them you don't care about the merits of these people. All you care is that you can have a person in a seat that you can use says upon to continue to just spew your same conspiracy theories and that was shown today for example when the one legal expert that the Republicans called it was getting asked all those rapid fire questions about the conduct of previous presidents. That was you know could have potentially been considered abuses of power. And and he was like I bet your colleagues too. You're right would say that those would constitute abuses of power and when he was do remember that part I do as a thing I can. I thinking thing about it. I was like you're approving our point that because the Republicans argue you're just impeaching him because he's you hate him that's all and and what that rhetorical device device setup in my mind was no. They aren't because they had all these previous occasions that you just listed where they could have gone for impeachment but did not because they understand Dan the sobering Nature of it and how important it is and how it can divided country and so just proving the point that we aren't just impeaching people. We'll frivolously right. Yeah I guess I totally see that interpretation of it I also had a similar interpretation of it. That's not what they were trying and do they were trying to do that. Yeah and what I also thought was so transparent is you did not if you wanted the answer to those questions. You've would've asked the people that you were assuming their answers to light like he was he was asking this other guy your call you know these these folks folks would have answered this way right and then you have this dude just saying yeah I guess so like what the fuck is that. Ask The people there fucking there. Would this yeah would. Oh Bob say this in Bob is just sitting there. Like I'm right here but I can't answer and isn't that hearsay. Yes and it's speculation. I couldn't believe no one objected to that like. Hey how about instead of letting this guy answer these rhetorical questions about people who are literally in the next chair. We ask them how they feel about about that. Unfortunately there's in this process there's no objecting and there's no cross examination so Because that's the trial part and So they they they have to order something people interrupt sometimes for some shit don't they. Yeah they pretty much can say whatever they want. And that's why it's important that when you get back to the next Democrat and that's why I hate this five minute thing. I think it should be an norm is and did a good job. I would have rather seen burke suit Birkin there but I mean that's why you have somebody to do those. Follow up to say dress what they did that entire rhetorical device that you did were you ask him what he would do. Let's ask him what he would do. And now let's talk about why they didn't do it and let's talk about how we aren't frivolously impeaching every time a potentially impeachable offense comes up. Yeah so it's not. Just that whole thing was really Infuriating it was the question What was the name of the Republican who was Leading the part of the hearing with Pamela Karlan number the the ranking member or or it was just talking about the questioning the head guy. Yeah whoever was questioning. I'm Pamela. Carlin for the for the basically I'm referring to while we're selling this subject I'm referring to when he was suggesting that she hadn't done her reading or her home that was Doug Collins. I brought brought that up the first paragraph when she snapped back fuck you I read everything. I'm not lie and I wish you would've said I'm not like Congress. Yeah I read stuff. I'm doing on that because because it's a shock so such an insult to her and to women and she's a you know like a leading legal scholar. Yeah and I just yeah I know you mentioned earlier but I'm just sort of. I've been stewing on that all day. Hum dot one was. I thought she had a really good come back for that. And a couple of things with about Pamela Carlin. She's she brought up a very important point that I think was one of the key points points that just the announcement of investigations is what trump was after. If he were actually trying to root out corruption he would have had them and cared about them doing full on investigations maybe into Barista but she certainly into other things as well not just that not just his political rival and he's never even brought that up even though he was supposed to bring it up on July twenty fifth call because that's what Veneman wrote out for his notes but did not and so. She said that's all they wanted was the announcement of the investigations. And that says to me right there that you don't care about corruption and that is not your motive. This goes right to intent. All you care about is your personal political benefit because if you cared about corruption you would want those investigations to be full-throated and transparent and so I was like Ooh you goosebumps girl and then of course her. A big moment That she ended up apologizing for which I wish he hadn't because it was so good she said look talking about presidents aren't kings isn't a monarchy Saying he you. Trump can name his son Barron but she can't make him a baron and I thought that was brilliant brilliant line And of course Malania tweeted out and she actually had apologized for for Dragon Barron into it. Even though she didn't say anything bad about him yeah Also like I was saying before we started the show. If you act like a King and you name your kid bear on your fucking I can walk into that. Yeah you set him up knock down. I had a friend that tweeted something out. I forget exactly what he said but he re tweeted Malania Danica tweet news like a look at these ghouls trying to pretend to have feelings Insincere might tweet to her what she's like as a mother this and that and this and this this is the. I can't even believe that you did that. How terrible you should go talk to the mothers who had their children ripped out of their arms? They're in cages at the border and then poor. Sita talked me later. then we had feldman Noah he was adorable. Yeah the tweed jacket. I just love him. I WANNA hug him. Yeah he he really does look like every dad in like a British nanny movie. Yeah yeah younger that poppins no watch or that kid that goes to school. Where the Lord Roy Stuff? It's picked on all the time but he's very clean ages well So his his big point that he was not in home was that trump was placing his own interests ahead of national security. And I think that was a key point that he was able to make. And then Gerhard Brought up Sir several times the obstruction of Congress that that was the big one of the big problems here. seventy-one requests have been denied by the White House. And that's just bananas. That's like ten million times more than any other investigation into anything so we'll be.

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