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You know Crosby Crosby's scores. He takes on Ovechkin Ovechkin scores. Ovechkin scores is eleventh goal was a power play goal as he now climbed over Marcel Dionne for power play goals. Now, he is tied with the on eighth-place over. Hall in power play goals, which is just amazing mcdavid scores again as he now has ten goals on the season. But Washington trying to warm up here after coming back from the road trip quite average now six four and three after the victory over the Evanston Oilers and Philadelphia's now got points in all of their west coast games. They did lose to Los Angeles. But they had the victory that did lose to San Jose, excuse me in overtime. But they do get a point in that game. And they beat the coyotes five to two in Arizona, and they really did a good job as far as getting giroux on the board. He had a couple of goals second goal of the year for Shane Goss, despair. So nice victory for the Philadelphia. Flyers in Arizona as the flyers get back to NHL five hundred seven seven and one. All right Slough games tonight Maple Leafs in the Golden Knights in Toronto Golden Knights still under five hundred six seven and one Toronto coming off that win over Pittsburgh over the weekend shutting them out as they continue to play without Austin Matthews. Rangers in the Canadians at the garden. Rangers winners of three straight games. They've got a chance to go over NHL five hundred tonight with a victory expert Kari price to be between the pipes for the rain for the Canadians after the EMMY played in Brooklyn last night, blue jackets, trying to get going. They're going to take advantage of the stars playing in the second of back to backs as the blue jackets seven six in one stars eight five and one devils trying to see if they can make a tuna roll against the Ottawa Senators team the last time the sends played with Saturday when were ran out of buffalo nine to to conducts and the Red Wings conducts continue to play. Well, as Pederson is really taking a grasp. Now, the colder trophy nine six zero Red Wings coming off a win over the devils therefore eight and two that game will be at seven thirty Oilers second back to back take on the Tampa Bay Lightning lightning again off to a tremendous start attend three and one and we'll see if the presence of mcdavid will bring the best out of kucherov and stamkos in that game. A hurricanes back to five hundred. Now, they'll be in Saint Louis to take on the blues kings first game after the firing of John Stevens will lead to jarred. And now with first game is coach will take on the ducks that rivalry in southern California, and the wild continuous they hot against the shark this great late game, San Jose against the wild wild have been red hot playing very well as of late, I believe points in in seven of their last eight games. So good job outta Minnesota. And a good test for them against the San Jose team that did win and overtime on Saturday over the Philadelphia Flyers. Let's hear from you at download brecca hashtag game as conduct and Bill Higgins gets a start at any word on how Rick Nash is doing with Rangers consider him if close to a playoff spot later in the season, of course, he chose to wait because of the concussion situations and just overall just trying to reset his body after banging around with the Rangers over the last couple of years and a lot of physical ailments the knee problems with the hip problems with this concussion situation. So Rick Nash wants to place sometime after. January. It's a consideration of the Rangers continue to struggle to score goals. I know this team is in a rebuild. But certainly the the team wants to make sure that they have a chance to win games. So that could be a consideration. I think there will be a place Rick Nash summer in the NHL with how'd and being day.

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