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Patrick Kane, who brought us back to the airwaves here tonight, scoring on a beautiful backhander. Theo tie the score of three near the end of the second period. We went to the third period, the team's traded goals and went to overtime and Frank Vitrano scoring at 2 50 overtime for the Florida Panthers from bark off and weaker and the Blackhawks record now old, three and one. As I mentioned, they're not leaving Florida empty handed. They will get one out of a possible eight points. I know that's not going to be acceptable for the Blackhawks as players, the coaching staff, the organization or the fan base, but the me the solace in this game was the 60 minute plus effort by this team, and you talked about it a little bit before we left the airwaves. If they play that way every single night, which is possible, Okay, They're going to be some circumstances. They're going to be difficult. But if they play that kind of a game every night, they're gonna get their share points. They did a nice job of focusing Period, the period they didn't get down two times in this game. They were down by a couple goals, and they battled back to tie it. They actually had the lead at one point, So there was a lot of good things that happen in this game. A lot of Good things that Jeremy call it can call it Incan talk about between now and the game against the Red Wings on Friday. They get a couple days off. They'll travel back to Chicago tonight. Day off tomorrow practice on Thursday and get ready for that game, But but I think everybody is going to be disappointed that they didn't win this game. They worked hard enough and a terrible calling right Carpenter by the way that gave the Florida Panthers that last power play chance that they were able to capitalize on no way that should have been a penalty. On carpenter. You feel bad for him? Because I know he feels bad. He's just that type of player. But if you're looking at the Blackhawks and you're saying, Okay, we need to have a good solid 60 minute effort. It was. They're not clean. You were not perfect. They gotta clean up a few things, but a lot of good things came out of this one. Okay. Who's your Midwest? Excuse me. Ditch Which player of the game Pretty easy. And this one dominant Kubelik, with a 3.9 was three point night was plus one. And 13.5 minutes. Now I don't even know how accurate that is. But seven shots on goal, hey, was very noticeable from the opening shift that he was on the ice to the last shift. He was very noticeable out there that this was player of the game is a no brainer. Yes, Domina Kubelik sponsored by Ditch which Midwest since 1970 Ditch which Midwest has been your partner for treasures, cable plows and directional drills, visit Ditch which Midwest calm and quickly before we send it to Chris Bolton. What did you think of Kevin Langan? His performance tonight? You know, he wasn't bad. He wasn't bad. There wasn't anything that he led in. That was Unease e goal. I thought his positioning was pretty good. I liked what I saw. I think that you don't If you're Kevin Lincoln, and you give up five, and that's that's way too much. You're not gonna win many hockey games. If you're giving up five goals, and there's reasons why there given up the five goals, too mean too many penalties. Mistakes in the neutral zone. You're not managing the pocket at times, but He did enough in this game to win, but for Kevin Lincoln, and he's going to be disappointed that he gave up that last goal. But at the same time I thought that he was really good in this game looks pretty solid. Want to see more of them want to see more of the kind of play we saw with the Blackhawks fought back to tie and eventually take their first lead in the year and If you're Gilbert, If you're the Blackhawks in here, Jeremy Colton and you got Jimmy, Wait the goaltender coach. Each goaltender has given up five goals in every appearance. Who do you look for? On Friday? I just I don't know how you You figure that one out, but You move forward, You pick up a valuable point and again as you said, John. Lots of good things to build on. But the names in the hat reach in and grab one, and that's our guy is. Let's see Shaq plant in there or maybe Well, they'll get it done. All right. Well, thanks to try Murray for a great job with color here tonight, but we'll do it again on Friday night, this time at the United Center Gonna be fun. Big Thanks a swell to our hard working crew tonight. Led by Brett Jackson. It's got one more little bit of business here. Who's hot? Who's called tonight Sponsored by Plumbers. 911 Chicago visit plumbers, 911 dot com for emergency plumbing service, the Blackhawks Power plate. Was excellent in this game two for two. I believe in and and really looked well. It was the second power play unit that looked better but whose side is cold again. Sponsored by plumbers. 911 Chicago visit plumbers, 911 dot com For emergency plumbing service, Alright, continuing on on our Thanks to all the people who helped us here tonight, I talked about Brett Jackson and his crew that involved Dan Long and the Nash Jimmy Nash helping us out here tonight as well. Thanks to all the Blackhawk fans wherever you might be in this world, whether you're driving someplace or Europe home or you're at the office or wherever you might be we Thanks. We thank you so much for turning us in here tonight. We hope you enjoyed the broadcast of this game in spite of what the final score was, which was an outcome that went the way of the Florida Panthers here. 5 to 4 in overtime, but Six more games left against the Panthers and this season Slate, So I'm sure somewhere there's an opportunity to talk about a Blackhawk went over this team. Save our final thanks to the evening for Chris Boden, who got a suit Black cock central pregame through the intermissions, and he's going to get you to wherever you may be going, Or maybe you're not going anywhere, but he's going to get you there with the Blackhawks Postgame show one more time. The final score was the Panthers five and the Hawks for in overtime for everybody I mentioned I'm John Weidman. From the WGN studios here in downtown Chicago, saying Thank you for tuning in. This has been black cocks. Hockey on 7 20. WGN boats has got your post game show. Let's get it to him right now. Chicago BlackRock Walking Stanley Cup. It's time for the Chicago Blackhawks postgame show on the Black box radio network. Here's Chris Boden Blackhawks Photo 03 and one on this road trip..

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