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Right circle shot. Save our Lama. He didn't quite know where it was. And then he realized he had it and he gets the whistle. Thirty one seconds in no score. That's an outstanding first shift by the Brayden point line. First of all mcdonagh dumped it out into the neutral zone. First time around and came back in the second time. Stroman went right up the boards with a Brayden point using speed dumped it in the zone Yanni Gord from a bad angle. Just threw it into the feet of our Lama. Just get it in there. Nothing fancy everything going forward stamps close who's coming late on the play. There was a rebound came out strong McKean and got a second shot defensive zone face. It went for coal Soderbergh the app tastes in berry. Winds it down the ice is going to the United satellite. Go back to work in the offense zone. Opening minute. No score. There's a lot of tension in a game. Like this because lightning are very. Well aware of McKinnon's line and what they're doing. It is spectacular. Forty three points already twenty goals. They've scored just those three guys. So how are we going to handle them at the same time the outlander going while this lightning team digging light it up all four lines because they have a big drop off the avalanche do on their production on their third and fourth line in particular. So what's going to happen? Johnson and Soderbergh again fight for the draw dropping down after popped up in the air and Soderbergh deals it out to Matt Calvert at center ice reformer, Columbus, blue jackets, dumps it in play Polat kucherov in the far corner. The middle headman trying to get it out could Elden Soderbergh left point a little pass hit a stanchion ricocheted right in front and had been the first made a see it. Fortunately, for the lightning yields the plot the center cross blood, right circle Gujrat right point who Trump uses it for Jeff right circle. Shoots blocked. Rebound matinee jams it out. To Calvert at center ready for change. He'll hot potato within circuit chefs really good moving in like Daffy date. He can't get that shot clock. He's already committed that has to find a way at least we get to the end boards. Happy blocked there. Because then everybody's going the wrong direction. And he's.

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