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I love it. Girl Number two, She thinks any delay communicating the severity of Kobe 19. It's the Republicans fault. It's obvious all peoples know how many effort professionals came forward with the truth, and the Republicans ignored them on turbines. They all chose to blindly follow though they are the one that fault Lee Anne's favorite host, Pat Thurston, noon to three kg 08 10. When we say that John Rothman show or any of Aghios talk shows or family friendly way mean it. My 14 year old Devon implored me to call in because he disagrees with me. I feel that the debate was want pretty clearly by pence because he effectively controlled the conversation. That was your son there with you. Yeah. Hi. Hi, Devon. I wanted to get the counter view. Your father thought Pence one. He told me you thought Harris one? Well, I think calmly Harris, one because she came out with a very, very strong Long opening statements, and she kind of attacked him on the offensive right away. So if you were old enough, and you could vote, would you vote for Biden? Absolutely. Okay, Jon. I just thought from a debate standpoint, he carries the day I expected her to destroy him. And I just didn't think she pulled it off talking politics in your house. Share it with you. Kgo family. Nikki, Mark, Pat Chip and John 80 88 10 Because if you're talking about it we're talking about on kgo 8 10. Looking toe learn, then join my career. Others on the something you should know, Podcast. So this has always fascinated me How things catch on How things become popular. By definition. Every new product has to be new. But in fact, you know, human psychology dictates that we mostly like things that are old. Make your life better and listen to something you should know, on apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows. Are we gonna have more blackouts? Turns out we shouldn't have on last time looking at the data from the past blackout, it was clear. California had plenty of power in the ISO just jumped the gun and blacked out California anyway. Why? Why is the so jumping the gun so now admits that it did not stop companies from exporting electricity that was made in California, out of California on those auditions, September days that I was leading the news with talks of shortages and blackouts. They were still allowing power produced in California to leave California to be used in other states. How it's that allowed because I make the rules for the traders in the cellars and not for California's economy. It's crazy. The California would allow the ISO to export power out of state when we were on the brink rolling blackout. The problem is, you can't get the real answer. If you ask the people who created and then covered up the problem to investigate themselves, and that's what the governor did. They're going to blame everybody but themselves. Path Thursday get answers. Days at noon on KGO 10. And KGO 8 10 traffic time now sponsored by indeed dot com If finding a high impact hires a goal for your business use indeed, you'll find lots of great candidates. No long term contracts at indeed dot com slash high impact. Let's find out what the big mystery is on Interstate 80 with other I see it now from the Chilton Auto Body Traffic desk. Why the East Shore Freeway is so jacked. There is police activity and they've got the two right lanes blocked. If you look through the right camera, you can see it Pretty clearly. This is right at Carlson and the traffic is backed up very badly into the maze, and it's starting to creep through the Berkeley curve as well. Westbound 5 80 still pretty A slow from Foothill San Ramon to even came in where the left lane is blocked for a fence Repair. Eastbound is getting heavy from Grove Way To that point for the limits. You'll find slow traffic from.

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