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Monday as it turns mostly sunny enjoy the sun because Tuesday we'll see periods of rain in the afternoon milder temps high fifty Wednesday clouds giving way to some sun good morning I'm Donna Vonda wins news time at the tone twelve thirty good morning I'm Monique Kobyla early voting started in Nevada and more than eighty locations yesterday across the state and supporters of democratic presidential hopeful senator Bernie Sanders are all in for the win Sanders road supporters in Las Vegas hoping his momentum will take him all the way through next week's official caucus vote we all go to take on the greed of the insurance companies and the drug companies and we all going to pass a Medicare for all single player program the official caucus voters on February twenty second once thought of as a sure thing former VP Joe Biden has been struggling with low numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire corresponded Arlette sends reports Biden says it's due to lack of diversity in the early contests talked about the importance of the diverse demographics both here and in states like South Carolina because he believes that that diverse city it will help him the reason why we are here is because you know ninety nine percent of the African American vote hasn't spoken yet and ninety nine percent of Latino vote hasn't spoken yet president trump plans to hold a rally one day before the state's caucuses with news time twelve thirty one for the traffic and transit with Rebekah Cerro setting north on the F. T. are moving very slow all due to a crash right by sixty third street taking out the left lane delays back towards thirty fourth and then south.

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