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On twitter. And you're following at Real James Woods. James Woods agrees with me. He's not calling her killary. Oh Gosh he is so funny there Mr Woods we ever see. I can't say this because it's a family show but we have received a complaint about an image that you on twitter. After reviewing the image we can find no violation of twitter politics of of of of twitter's policies. James Woods takes a screen shot of the twitter's sent him. Exonerating am right dear. Twitter me sincerely. James. What's okay? I laughed out loud because it was vulgar. What I last kick me off twitter for a year and a half. I don't care kick me out. So funny he just got back on. Jon Callard reinstated twitter and not only the Senate Race Buchanan. This is exactly what I have been telling you. This is my analysis pretty much. I'm glad Pat Pat Pat and I still agree And not only the Senate but Nazi Pelosi's house could also be lost and not only the house but hundreds of down ballot candidates could also lose leaving the GOP with the whip in hand and redistricting Congressional See seats through the decade. What happens in twenty twenty? What significant event is going to transpire in In Two thousand nine hundred twenty happens every ten years sometimes. It happens in odd years. What's significant event is going to happen. In Twenty Twenty time starts now Roger. Best of luck stopping the census the US census. Why do they do that? So they can tell. Where Congressional districts to some have to get smaller or larger than at the geographically move because the population has changed in the last ten years. Now there were doing this correctly. They apportion by population. They don't do that anymore. So Congressional districts because they fixed the number at four thirty five to continue the two party. Racket Congressional districts don't don't growing the they don't change that much but there were during redistricting though whichever party is in control of the has represented gets to draw the maps if wine box. Nancy loses the speaker's gavel. That would mean I'm going to guess. Kevin McCarthy would be the speaker if he's re-elected that speaker McCarthy within a point the commissioners and the commission the Study the Census Results and then redraw the districts. How do they? How do they redraw them to their advantage now? Let's put put all this together. This is all coming to a head as a result of what the election of Donald John Trump in two thousand sixteen which out of all major talk radio mafia media figures. Who Predicted Yours truly? Who told you on that day? Who told Mark Krislindahl? He's GonNa win. Kresa was like Whoa. You're really you'RE GONNA go with that golf it's GonNa Happen. I knew that night when I was at dinner with miniature daughter number twos restaurant when she was working when we were looking at the results on the phone at about eight o'clock which was shortly after the polls had closed and most of Florida but the panhandle of Florida had not yet closed. And we're looking at the results if he is almost carrying Florida right now with Eglin Air Force Base Pensacola Fort Walton. It's over she's GonNa Lou. She'd lost Florida. It's over. He's going to win it. And that's when I knew that our lady had told me correctly to go ahead and make the prediction so now think about this here we are in Twenty Twenty Don. Jonah Manhattan is in control of this whole apparatus. All of this is happening Bernie Sanders. Sentece is the exact predictable result of the success and rise of the trump administration. Now why is that because sanders is evil? He is a Malthusian infanticide a lunatic. You said it several of the debates I think we need to have population control measures implemented will start to third world meet starting to Third World. Minute they're coming here raises his hands when Asked are you for late term. I'm for abortion. And all instances this demonic inspired evil here straight up. You call it socialism. All you want I call it evil. What is John John Manhattan? Don Johnson Manhattan is what pro-life most consistently prolife candidate that we the president of our lifetime through a few other nuggets out About Don John Manhattan. I watched the beginning of that speech in North Carolina. Again last night he said it again. He said it again. We believe in the sanctity of human life because all because we are all God's creatures we are all created by God on his Ash Wednesday message. He pretty much said the same thing. He keeps saying. Creatures God blessed to be creatures of God folks that is not accidental. You you think you're gonNA hear that. In a burn rally or Creepy Biden rally or a foe Kahane's or a rally. Nothing of the sort. We're living in momentous times because the good is truly and there is good left in mark there. I truly believe that there is problems. It's always problems we're humid we're falling but there is good. The good is lining up against the band. You're you're looking at the fight of all fights right in front of your eyes right now. Those punk kids out there with their nose ruined rings and they're demented and warped sexual perversions. That are now being that are regular normal people like me and you being Joel. You will accept this No I won't. They mean business. They want this Bernie Sanders Guy. Because he's promising all this stuff for free. He's promising that they don't have to have a work ethic he's promising basically slavery. I mean the irony of this is this isn't enslavement. Yeah I'll give. I'll give you the free college. Well something we'll give you the free health camp free electric calls all of it. You get it at all but you gotTa Vote Democrat Socialist. That is an enslavement trapped. There give you these things now. They're too. Ill educate educated to think of this. But if you're given all of those things what is taken away because you can't just give some have something to give don't you what is taken away. What is taken away is true freedom to choose what an irony. The alleged part party of choice is not for choice anymore. We talked about this the other day if you live in California. You don't have any choice. Your child's GonNa go if they go to a government school. They're going to be taught that they're probably in the wrong body and they need to transition so the battle lines are being drawn. The contrast is clear couldn't be it couldn't be any more clear on John Versus Whatever Demon. Krant evil is thrown up against the wall. Mike Church.

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