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Center Nicola Yokich, the Joker continued his torrid start. Wow, What a good word. That's a nice job. Good s a T word right there by one. Ryan. Traci Key. You know, I sound like right there. Remember when Kevin Durant and Steph curry few years back when they were teammates and Kevin Durant actually like the Golden State warriors, where Some reporter asked about a kerfuffle that happened and they were like kerfuffle. That's a good word. That's I sound right now towards Stark. Good job, Brian Traci Key. Oh, yeah to the season as the Nuggets defeated the Warriors won 14 to 1 of four last night. The Joker. Ma scored 23 points and totaled 14 rebounds and dished out 10 assists for his fifth triple double on the season. Yokich also leads the MBA and assist with 10.4. Her game. What can't Nicole Yokich two already so coming up on Sunday final game? I believe the game is on Fox. So you could have Joe Buck and you go to Troy Aikman. Be Tom Brady going up against the Saints. Now if the Buccaneers lose What's the story line about the future? It's really not much The parting words of the broadcast, all right, because everyone expects Tom Brady should be back next year. He's already said it. He said something. What was it last week where he said, Yeah, we're going to be even better next year. The Saints lose, though what's the story line? Had his Fox handle that because if the Saints lose That means Tom Brady wins. That means Tom Brady. You already know. The NSC opponent is his final game the weekend That means most likely you get Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers Brady first year in Tampa Bay, and he's going to the NFC title game. Now we all know when Brady wins. That's the story. But on the other side if true, breeze loses. You also have to mention how that's probably Drew Brees his final game. So I'm curious. What the send off is going to be on Fox. If Saints lose And how did they handle that moment? Knowing that one of the game's all time greats first ballot Hall of Famer Just ridiculous statistics that he's put up all time. Great statistics Drew Brees with the yards. Now I'm being too in the passing touchdowns because the games that he missed this year with Brady playing well and throwing 40 passing touchdowns, had his Fox handle that. Yes, If the Bucks win, That's the biggest storyline. If the Saints win, the storyline is Drew Brees is magical Ride continues. Can you get a ring in his final season? Efforts and then then you ever mentioned And for Joe Buck probably goes in for Tom Brady, his first year away from Bill Belichick. It resulted in a postseason trip. The Bucks made the postseason the first time since whenever You saw the turnaround and boom they'll be back next year. But if it's the other way around, it's Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers First year with Brady with the Bucks, they're going out to sea title game. How do you then work in As big of a storyline that is also Tying the bow on what has been a legendary career in Drew Brees and not just what he's meant for the National Football League. But he's walking off the field in New Orleans for most likely the final time in a city that he's done so much for off the field. And then also delivered them a Super Bowl championship and you have a partnership ending with Sean Payton and Drew Brees. I'm just curious how drew handles that after the game that I don't expect your right after the game. If they lose in that moment to say, guys, that's it. I got to deal with NBC. I'm leaving. He probably knows right now that this is last season has he definitely made that decision. Does he definitely know that for a fact that I don't know. When you start to think that this is it. I mean that Zach Strief on this show before who's a close personal friend of Drew. Knows the family well played with Drew is now the Saints play by play Guy and Schriefer said before He's thought in years past that was Drew's final season. And then he said, when he was on with us before this, he start that. Yeah, he believes that this is the last season for Drew Brees. But he said that before in the past Does Drew Brees come back next year. I have a tough time envisioning it. Just remember. Last year hurt Miss five games this year Hurt Miss what? Four games. 11 rib fractures and the collapse along And also you've been knocking on that door. You've been close to getting that second ring. You don't need the second ring. You want the second ring? And that second ring has been close. It's been basically waved right in your face and then pulled away. Minneapolis Miracle Case Keenum two Dicks. NFC title game. RAMS Garbage No call Over time You throw a pick last year up against the Vikings, you were the heavy favorite on wild card weekend. Kirk cousins, Kyle Rudolph. Hang Touchdown game winner. Reason that game fumble pick It just seems as if this is time to say goodbye. If you're Drew Brees. Especially where he's not as dominant as he once was. Now, with that being said, Think about this. We saw him slow down the regular season up against Cowboys a few years back. We saw him slow down at the end of the season that NFC title game. We saw him slow down last year in that wild card game. He still consistently making the playoffs and still consistently giving you a belief that his team to get it done. I don't think states won a Super Bowl this year. But they have a shot to do so. And if they went on Sunday, there's 60 minutes away from getting back. To the big game. And yet it's so important that Rodgers takes down the Rams. From a marketing standpoint. Yeah. You could always talk about the Rams, Defense and McVeigh and you find enough storylines. But you know what the NFL wants They want Rogers going up against you. The breeze of Brady What do you think the NFL wants more? Look, the NFL wants Rogers. Going up against Brady or Roger's going up against breeze if I had to pick I think they'd rather want to see Roger's going up against Brady. Not a consolation prize of Of Rodgers and breezes. Not that where do you go on that trace? Would you say the NFL If Roger Goodell Ocado may not love Brady, But I want to say the marketing experts, the whiz kids in the NFL, they go NFC title game. Rogers is there you think they'd rather have the bucks there of the Saints there? Probably go with the bucks. Right? Tom Brady. You have the storylines building from New England. Now is a temple 60 minutes away from going to Super Bowl again. I think it's more storylines and more national juice. The Buccaneers were in it, and I only think That now I'm trying to go through this. I only believe and look how many times Brady went up against Peyton Manning in his career. It was every year and they were once early on the same division. You got it twice a year. I only believe and I could be wrong on this. Right. I think Brady on. Lee has gone up against Rogers three times in his career, or the Patriots have played the Packers three times, and I think, actually, they may have only gone up head to head twice. I'll check this out. I was at one of the games. The last one Aaron Jones fumbled. The Patriots won that game and then the other time was in Green Bay. Where is back and forth and Green Bay one. I think those are the only two times they've gone up head to head. There may have been a third matchup. I think it did happen. I believe that that game did happen. And that was the year in Brady got hurt in a way that may be wrong in that and the Dan Connolly game. Believe Rogers was not the quarterback that night. But we'll take a look at it during the break. But, yeah, I think the NFL will want Brady going up against Roger's. Anyways, that guilt show CBS sports Ready. I'm just fascinated to see how the NFL does handle the whole breeze. Departure. If this is his final game, and how Fox is handling, Do you have that in front of you by any shot? The Rogers Brady had to head matchups They've played three times s, so it is three. Okay, So you had the three matchups in front of it. I don't have the middle. When I have won. They won 35 nothing back in those six. Obviously they played earlier this year. On. I don't have you don't know that was this year. That that would box packers That was this year. Bucks Packers dog so that that's the three matchups. I don't think you said it was 36 nothin. 35. Nothing back in those six is one. I'm reading here. Patriots against the Packers. Who won that game patriots? I don't think that was a Brady Rodgers matchup. That was probably five. Yeah, but I think Brett Farve got hurt in Rogers came in. Okay. Gotcha..

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