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Friends getting misinformation just from watching porn and like comparing themselves to like these professional don't entertainers who do it for a living right and so it's all of these things all sort of put together and culminating in in shame and A. and lack of education and in lack of skills to communicate wants and needs to oneself into another person so you have to deal with sort of the surrounding issues and then from dealing with those issues it has an impact on someone's ability to get sexual pleasure as that absolutely I mean if you're there's something called spectating <hes> when you think of like engaging in sex stuff so spectating is wouldn't or not at present and you're just kind of like watching yourself is if you were floating above and cigarettes thinking like Oh. How do I rose look from this angle like how do I smell like that? I just far like you know BEC chattering and so it's really hard to like be in your body and experience pleasure when you're not present right yeah that's that's very interesting point and obviously you know when it comes to sex at in this country or in our conversations about sex as you said it's usually like you know extremely superficial whether it be porn or the way that we cover it on magazines and <hes> on the Internet and stuff like that and so I do think there are a lot of people that are left to their own devices and I guess we can sort of move forward now <hes> to the other side the not so you know some of the dangers of of people who have sexual dysfunction and of course when we're talking about the things like pedophilia in the context of Jeffrey Epstein the word pedophile has been thrown around a lot lately certainly on our show <hes> whether it besides stories or last podcast on the left we talk about people who <hes> participate in pedophilia obviously a horrible stuff and now in the context of Jeffrey Free Epstein. It's really being blasted out all over the country on newspapers all over the country. Can you give us a little bit of detail into your our work. When it comes to dealing with non offending pedophile and can you sort of clarify what that term means non offending pedophile in my work? I both work with folks who are survivors of you know survivors and victims of sexual assault sexual trauma but I also work with you know abusers <hes> and back in my p._H._d.. Program <hes> one time we had a guest visiting who was what they call well <hes> non offending minor attracted person which means someone who is committed and has no desire to act on their fantasies. She's <hes> in someone. Who is you know under the age of consent wrote so this was a person that came to speak in now? This person never acted on these impulses and these thoughts is that correct yeah and so in my research now with my dissertation. What we find is that most people who have these attractions actually don't want to or never have the desire to harm children <hes> and just to kind of clarify? I mean like you said lots of people people were throwing out this word pedophile <hes> and it's it's sort of a misnomer I mean firstly. It's such a loaded word so when we when we hear the word pedophile we immediately child Molester <hes> <hes> you know that those two are kind of synonymous <hes> secondly so if we're thinking of like diagnosis how in like the therapy world we would define header file well <hes>. It's someone who is attracted to children who are prepubescent meaning they have not gone through puberty <hes> uh-huh and so with someone like Jeffrey Epstein <hes> he kind of falls into a different category <hes> so there's another category known as <hes> keep feely us so he's Celia or have a feely..

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