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Or john here's the best part it's freaking free and it's there's nothing just literally i'll send it to you like just texas humility whatever just go there and watch the video and just tell me it's not helpful love it watch billy's video dot com and so with my audience and they were coming back you know this past year saying john i just you know either don't have an idea that was one camp or they were saying john i have all of these ideas but i'm not sure which is the best idea to go in on like i was realizing that was two camps of people were they were really struggling either they don't have an idea or they have a bunch of ideas than show which is the best idea and that's why i said it's time for me to quit the solution for this so i sat out and i created a three hour trading this completely free it's called three hours to your big idea and that is the promise that's the pledge that if you take this training in three hours you will find your big idea in now think about that thing about now all the hundreds and then thousands of potentially tens of hundreds of thousands of people are going to go through this completely free training you know that are going gonna give me their email address in exchange for access to this training and then the training is gonna just give them their big idea and that's now me giving him this hugh huge win this hugh solution they may have known light and trust me before because the podcast but now is just to the next level is completely to the next level because i gave them a huge personal win i just gave them their big idea that they can go all in on and then guess what's next i'm like hey fire nation now you have your big idea i'm fired up for you i hope you're fired up as well how about we now take your big idea and we turn it into real revenue and guess what that's the next step in the funnel and that's not free that's a paid course that's going to be something that they go into next because now guess what they have their big idea they're fired up now let's turn that big idea into real revenue so that's just how it starts because those conversations allow you to find the biggest struggle and allow you to get people to or allow people to give you and a hamam it's that you can then provide the solution for in the in the in the form of a product or service or a community or course or a book or a mastermind or one on one coaching any of those different things it gives you that opportunity so turn it back over to your offer second inlet you're gonna give some feedback on that but i fire nation you're pretty fired up about that free training your big idea dot get over there sign up get your big idea and three hours let me know how you like it go up so the first thing is heard you say million times two things don't scale and that's that that's like the first thing that has to be done that doesn't scale can clearly i love that feedback that you just gave me because those questions i mean you probably arrive out to perhaps thinking for a while in common sense but getting directly from somebody who's who's done who's done that in who knows that has worked who still doing a rob i'm still doing it in this is at you know i'm at i'm at the multi seven figure mark and i'm still doing these things because.

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