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World Series champions. The Boston Red Sox beat the dodgers in five games and celebrated at chevette ravine much to this may of many dodger fans who had a seed the visiting team celebrate on their field for the second straight year this week on a ride early leave late. We'll have a couple of podcast for you. First Dylan, Hernandez and Bill are gonna give us the dodgers perspective from a columnist view where they have outside world where they're thinking of the fans are thinking of the front office or taking what the dodgers could possibly do next season. And then later on this week partout, we're gonna go with the beat writer and McCullough who was with the team since spring training Bill. Shaken the national baseball columnist and hordic steal the new dodger beat writer who came over in the middle season, but was covering the dodgers in the World Series. Interesting to hear the perspective from those. He writers whether every single day. But right now, the state of the dodgers as you'd Dylan Hernandez and Bill Paschke. Dodger fans ain't no not again, not again, not again for the second straight year. Wait to say not again to Dylan implant, you're on the podcast. They don't wanna hear us again. They're not ready for this. For the second straight year dodger fans see the visiting team. Celebrate at SHA. Vez ravine last year Astros game seven this year. The Red Sox sT final score five the one same. Final score a Bill. Because I don't have to work. So I really don't pay like if you watch that Astros game. But all this time. I was convinced they lost seventeen nothing or something. Just because of like how Darvish got blown out of the water. It was only five one. Yeah. It was five to one. Mr darvish. No apology. That's the most. We do not oh, Mr. Darvish at apology. That is the voice of Bill plash key, legendary LA times columnists and recently new columnist Dylan Hernandez for a while that recent how long have you been years couple, quite legendary huge impact. Have you? Join their Bill. How many we'll have you covered. Oh my God up. Just the dodgers. Just general general all my gosh. I don't even think about it over twenty twenty some twenty-five maybe on Dylan to your over to. Yeah. No. You covered beat is. No, no. You never win. I went through the NFC s. Okay. A couple of times the giants clinch to go to the world's the world's. Okay. That's right. So Bill Plaski how many dodgers World Series? Have you seen victory? Oh, one eight hundred eighty eight. Than it a tire story. It's unbelie it's what it's it's unbelievable that it's been since eighty eight it's just thinkable just put it this way or Hershiser is sixty years old in he was last winning pitcher in a world city ended World Series game for the dodgers. And he's sixty now that's how long it's been when you think back at this season, and we're not going to go and just start beating down on the team. And they're like, it's an accomplishment to get to the World Series. I back to back and forty years, but it's still disappointing. Is it a failure? What's the word describe this season Dylan? Well, I think here's the thing is that the league was bad the entirely was down like they should have gotten back. You know, in the fact that they got back with that team to me honestly shows how bad the NFL was probably the best five six for coming from the the American League to me the word is actually negligent..

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