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Got to be the guy but you don't do that you do the talent of you look at all the nba's you look at mvp look at five limping ps you look at look at rebounds and when you look at all of this is i don't know how you just like man please that's like you look at it like he's an out the phone he's more than that close the only difference is michael jordan's leeming dry he added another rebound sister anything because the things giving its first three years michael jordan did not wanna play off series the last two years of his career he didn't make a play so we got a fact that nfc because all you want to do just factor in those security which you wanna title michael jordan play what sixteen years so we got fifteen okay fifteen totality of forced miss two seasons in his prime and then he was forced out early after age thirty five season he took three seasons off because jerry krause jerry reinsdorf wanted to blow up the phil jackson dynasty could've come back they'd love to have him back away he if he if he what you said he yeah he should break the brain home got pride in principle and he said if you fire my coach on out of here and he was out of there and he stayed out for three years in age thirty six thirty seven and thirty eight seasons and came back for thirty nine and forty in washington which was a pretty sad into the all time greatest career but you can't take that away what you can't hold that against him what he washington will you hold you hold against lebron you said he needed they floated the owners eighty quit bra in two thousand eleven you hold that against him did anybody ever accused michael jeffrey jordan of quitting in a playoff series always showed always shogo so how much how much what do we hold against him without feel jackson so what is what is doug collins and stan what do they get credit for.

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