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Up against week one bummer. Tight end Jason Croom also hurt during not as why are we even doing not as a lot of pressure on Dawson? Knox. Third rounder to step up if they cannot get back on the Dow. Wow, that good Andrew lucked suffered a calf injury. Cult say it's minor. He'll be reevaluated next week Colleen, what did you just put them on to be safe? Just do it. Close also hurt his hamstring, that's going to be reevaluated in the map Rita. The Niners also has a partially torn back keep an eye on those bit Bobby Wagner will tend not as but he won't practice because he wants a new deal west. Give him that money, right? Come on. He wants to be the highest paid linebacker in the league any should raven son, Shane Ray and Michael Floyd. Greg, Michael crabtree's, like come on. I could have done better than Michael Floyd. Michael flights back in the. So I think we said we were done with Michael Floyd. But he's getting tad. On the Shane Ray and Skopje resigned from the falcons front office. Maybe the chats maybe to the pats. That was a good one. Very good. Can't believe we didn't get to the game of thrones ending? You have something to say, I can I just say before you do this. Can we please not let this devolve into ten minutes of game of thrones stock from a show where almost none of us watch the can I feel like I've had to be a voice for the people that really do? Listen. Okay. That's fine. Okay. Because I feel like they have not been well, represented on this show. I think the ending of that show was complete agree one hundred percent with Aaron Rodgers brand did nothing to deserve to become king. Why wouldn't you give it to John snow? His watch already ended. He saved the world nannies the rightful owner to. Yes boiler, we should let people know about. He should be the rightful heir to the throne. So whatever what he has to go back to the wall that sucks. It was. It's too big to fail. They threw so much money at this show passion through so much money at these final, this final season and the cinematography and spectacle, can be breathtaking on the show. But they leaned way too heavily on it in the last season. And the writing was atrocious hated it brand was a boring character. The whole time did not deserve this. It just left. A lot of people wanting more brand, the broken that's who is going to be, by the way. Those two writers now attached to a Star Wars trilogy. Awesome. What could go room? Okay. So that's it. That's David benef- wrote a great now better. He's, he's quite a writer, maybe spent time city of lease in the new Star Wars show that he's currently planning. Of working on game of thrones public ten years I'm working on a novel called city of leaves. Very grossing. All right. That's it. Good catchup show again. Chris, congratulations to you. Wonderful life. Congrats. Look. What a what a beautiful. Brad. Thank you. Oh, that dress. Hey you did it was I am blessed. And now you get your nice honeymoon next week. And then it's over. Then you got a lot of work to do now a lot of rewarding work. But the train keeps rolling, you know, now, you got the wedding out of the way. I think you're June, June, June prediction was pretty gingy. We're pretty much point to do pretty listeners that was was it the engagement the wedding. And then a child is your was your prediction that a child again. Yeah. Four straight June's. Two two. All right. So yes, that's great. I am. Speaking of dream vacations. I am loading up the family SUV and heading to Legoland tomorrow. Oh, just my, my son Jack has successfully pooped in the potty twenty straight times without an accident that. Because of that he's being rewarded with this trip. And that's how you parent. Wes, to me stick carrot stick. They went about me whereas my trip. In that potty for years, you're the mom, they'll we'll Sunday..

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