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Of some kind. Somebody who we haven't seen or heard from in a long time. So think like like Nickelodeon. Oh, you could do. Oh, you know who would be good Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Yes. Binz while she's doing a comeback. This would be perfect. You've with alcohol being trapped with crazies, right? Wow. No. That out that Bradley. I'm just thinking about the viewing experience. I'm not actually thinking about her sauce. Why are you all the sudden carrying a celebrity falcon? What makes great TV people Bristol Palin? Yes. I would watch her because she's a divisive figure, although I would rather watch her mother. Oh, what about faira Abraham? Oh, she has. She not done. It seems like that'd be something. There was talk of her. Maybe getting her own reality show. Yeah. Yeah. What about like an old like somebody from somebody from ninety eight degrees or maybe vanilla ice? Yeah. I know he has he has his done that. So I think. Oh, I think we need somebody like we need like a washed up boy band or one of the maybe Chris Kirkpatrick. Okay. What's he doing Dono? These are good list. We're developing here. Also. Oh, yeah. We have Ross Matthews. He was on the last celebrity big, brother. Do you wanna see on there? What do we need? We could do an Adam Lambert. Oh, oh, he's kind of a controversial gay. I love him so much. He's my Merican idol. Oh my gosh. Well, and he just did a version of shares believe for the Kennedy Center, and she was there. Sort of bubbling up in the air. So he's touring clean. But he can't get away from touring. He's too big of a celebrity. Yeah. Adam lambert? What about? For not knowing that either. Yeah. Come on. I was gonna say something. Good. Okay. And I'm not gonna say come on back. I know your game..

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