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On at any rate. What has happened to my family by at the hands of josh weights. Stacey guest scott graham. Jim beverage scott santilli ami dorothy katie cove in van soul. There's some others. Brian crispy chris. I hadn't forgot about you brian. Don't she be sitting over there to georgia department of revenue getting comfortable. Neither should you jim beverage. 'cause there's three more that until they until you guys are let go and are no longer in a government position to where you can harm other taxpayers. I will not let up on the georgia department of revenue. Now there is a new commissioner and she stepped in and she was an inside. Wanna make sure that i give credit where credit's due. The governor has appointed her to step in to clean up. This shet hold. That isn't as otherwise known as georgia department of revenue. She truly walked into a shit show. I mean that's the only way that you can look at it. But from my understanding she is trying to clean it up. And i want to give her credit for that. Because that's the way you're supposed to do when you go into a corrupt office in the state or the government to clean it up you need to go in and clean it up and from what we're hearing. She's doing that. I want to give a shout out to the investigators with the office of the inspector general because it's frustrated as my family and i were that has taken so long. You know when you read the report you now understand. There's two hundred and fifty thousand emails this so many terabytes that they had to go through a of documents and stuff and forty interviews and this that and the other so you know i wanna give a shout out to the office of the inspector general for doing their job. you know. there's a lotta stuff in this report that we feel should have been there. That is not there. And i'll continue to shed light on that as we continue moving forward to hopefully trying to bring closure to this entire nightmare so i want to give credit to that now what i want everyone to pay close attention to is that the office of the inspector general has turned this over to the attorney. General's office chris car they have turned this. These claims regarding josh weights falsifying his application with the georgia with the georgia department of revenue..

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