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Is Senate president, Susan Waigel. So Susan, you know, before the break we're talking about Medicaid expansion. But that's not the only thing that you guys have on your plate when you get back. I know you've still got the budget. You've got school finance? I mean, those are certainly no small issues for you guys to take up where do you where do you kind of see those issues? I mean, I I know that's a lot of moving pieces to try and pound out before the ninety days sessions. Well. We have sent a school finance package to the court, and we won't get a ruling on that. For some time. So we're hoping we don't have to deal with school finance. We will deal with budget. And let me assure you, John we are going to send another tax package to the governor. She vetoed a Senate Bill twenty two which was the Bill that implemented the Trump tax cuts in the state of Kansas. She towed it. I didn't have the two-thirds majority to override or so we're going to send her another version and cholera out another version of the windfall. Tax Bill for lack of a better term. Yes, we're going to try it again. Well, right making minor adjustments. And. Our big agenda when we get back is fixed the budget passed a year long budget and then. We'll send her another tax Bill, then we'll come back for a true sine die. And if she does, but this tax Bill will try dent over rider. So now with your with the new windfall tax Bill. How will that will be similar to what the house passed are we because I know that had the food sales tax in it that had the internet piece in it will be similar to that. Or is it just going to be essentially, the windfall piece? Well, I'm going to negotiate with the house. We will go shade all aspects. I believe the food sales tax real end up in the Bill again, we we are are looking right now, it's not negotiate it yet. Last this Bill we've already passed on retroactive. So that people could file an amended return and get their money back in the state of Kansas. We're looking about at taking out retro-activity, but all the same aspect maybe narrow down a little bit with a smaller fiscal note in the next Bill. Very cool. Well, good luck with that. You know, I it is interesting how she is yet to really keep any many of her campaign pledges. She promised not to raise taxes. She broke that one she promised to lower the sales tax on food. She broke that one. I I'm just trying to figure out what what she actually is going to deliver. Because so far her first hundred days of in my opinion, being a complete disaster. So it's just going to be very interesting. Well, yesterday, rated as far as popularity of governors and the bottom chant across the nation. So she is having problems relating to Kansas. And certainly her staff has moved her to the left along with the whole new crowd. And socialist Democrats want to take over the agenda that doesn't surprise me. But we knew this during the campaign, she hit it fairly. Well, she did her best to hide it. But we knew what we were getting unfortunately, I think she just did a good job run into the middle. And and you know, the the co Bach folks of which I was one of the campaign. We didn't do a good enough job exposing her. So speaking of campaigns. I do have to ask I think, you know, there was some rumors that you might have been in DC recently care to let us know why you might have been in DC lately. Well, I think people know I'm exploring run for the US Senate. I I've had some excellent meetings in DC with leaders in DC, and I'm also talking to business leaders and party activists here in the state of Kansas. Sharing with him what my credentials are. And speaking to port if I get in this race, and I can't tell tell you. I I've had a very successful. Visit I think canton's are weary of a US Senate, and congress that just seems not to address issues of they are very stagnant. They don't debate and they are unwilling to resolve the real problems we had Republican controlled congress and US Senate and Trump for two years, and they never addressed immigration. They didn't address the big issues that face our nation or the budget. So. I think people like the fact that I have a proven conservative record. I've always stood well with the conservative movement and at the same time, I'm very relational other people, and I I'm I'm good at advocating for chances value. So I'm still storing that certainly I can't make any announcement or big decisions until after session, but we're looking at it seriously. Well, you know, if if you do decide to make an announcement. You're always welcome to do it here. I had to try. Okay. Well, Senator thank you again for coming on. And I know when you get back on may first, you've got yeoman's work ahead of you. And we wish you all the best will be praying for you. And thank you again for joining us. And I encourage my listeners to call your senators, and certainly support them let them know they're behind you say a prayer for them. And then we say prayers for you. Because you guys have a lot on your plate when you get back in. We're we're behind you for sure. Thank you, John. Thanks for help rallying the troops and helping educate them exactly what's going on the peak. We appreciate you. Thank you for being with us. Senator. Thank you, John. You know, I gotta tell you. She does have a tough a tough job when they get back. And I I said it to her, and I would add I would ask those of you who are listening do please reach out to your Senator first off you need to reach out to them when they get back may I they are under a tremendous amount of pressure to vote for Medicaid expansion. You need to know where your Senator is on that call them and ask them. I I know I have spoken to my Senator, but not recently. So Dan curtian expect a phone call for me. But you guys need to reach out. You know, my listeners I encourage you reach out to your senators and find out where they are on these important issues because you need to know, and and while you're talking to them hold them up. Let them know you support them, and let them know that you've got back because they're going to need it. They're going to be protests. All. Throughout the building. Someone who is familiar with protests in the capital because he's been there and has has walked the halls with me as we went through. That is my friend Chuck Weber with the Kansas Catholic conference John checks with us in studio. Chuck thank you for coming in. It's great to be with you. So you know, what that's like having the protesters there. And from what I understand they're going to be the the rabid crowd are going to be camped out all throughout the first week of may. Yeah, my advice is just heaven. You can't let the the mob or the the crowd sway. You have to have a core before you walk into the building. You have to know what it is. You believe what you're all about? And then stick with it. I mean, if you get new information that's a different story, and you can change your position. But I think when it comes to Medicaid expansion, which is I think what you're talking about the protests. I mean, I think the information is author although I will tell you from the. Catholic conference perspective. There are some issues that we don't believe have on our side of of this issue have not been vetted is Medicaid expansion going to pay for gender dysphoric treatments. Well after absolute actually can now. Right, right. I mean, I mean, so is that going to be part of this? We haven't had a discussion about that. And in lieu of the the decision by the supreme court last week. Arkansans going to have to pay government is going is government going to have to pay for abortions with with Medicaid coverage. What would have right now, it's not supposed to, but, but but the door with the lawyers I've talked to we've taken the step now down this slippery slope in that the president is there. So now all that has to happen is another lawsuit gets filed using this recent decision as the president, and it will be overturned and the answer to your question would then be. Yes, taxpayers will now be paying for abortions. Eventually it will take time. Right. But no that door is now open. You know, the one thing that I and ironically, I was having a conversation with us sitting Representative just the other day, and we were talking about the potential protests. He's a freshman and he called me to ask. What do I do about this? What what how do you react to this not used to this? You know? And he said, I know you were there, and I know you've been through this because he served one of the committee state that you and I both served. On any asked. What do you do about this? And I said well two things you gotta remember one ninety percent of the people up. There are not your constituent, right? And that you know, you that's one thing these loud voices that are up there half of them. My recollection are bussed in for Mattis state because a lot of them come in from Adam's. Adam's zuri certainly a lot of them are coming from out of your district. Right. And I I remember, and I make sure to remind them to keep in mind talk to these people make sure if someone's coming to talk to you, where are you from are you from you from are, you make sure ask them if they're not from your district, then keep my you're not there to represent folks out. You're there to represent your constituents. Right. You know, you have your member who got into PK. And while you're there. I mean, let's be honest. The other one is you also have to keep in mind who your voters are right? You know, this person who's yelling at you. That may not be your vote or they're not the people that got you there and. Just because they're the loud voices often. There is a silent majority out. There is a pro life state these six judges that just made this horrible decision. Do not represent the majority of cans. There's a reason we we have so many of the laws that we have on the book, we are pro-life state and just because seven Jack wagons in Topeka came up with this decision. Six of them doesn't mean they represent the majority of Kansas. I think you know, if I can say anything tonight, I wanna just call out, my Catholic brothers and sisters out there. You know, I I've said this before in el-sayed again that might even Jellicoe brothers and sisters they're motivated, but they're unorganized. And that's really it's a compliment. But but Catholics were organized. We have this great structure, but were unmotivated, and if this decision last Friday doesn't motivate us, and I don't know what will because it strikes at the very heart of what we stand for as Kathy. Alex. We just got through with with Easter week where our largest Christ lived and died and rose again. So why did he do that? So we could have life and life to the fullest. And so life is our number one priority. In the cans in for the Kansas Catholic conference. That's our number one foundational principle and closely followed by marriage, and family and religious liberty. So I just wanna call out to my Catholic brothers and sisters out there. If you're not involved, if you're not interested in what's going on you better get interested now because the unborn and the vulnerable are very much under attack right now by this court. I think you're right. And I know we've gotta take a quick break. But the the audacity of the court to actually in their decision site the right.

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