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Or bill that would ban most evictions and foreclosures is now just a signature away it's it's on governor Charlie Baker Charlie Baker's desk after the house and Senate on Beacon Hill passed the measure before the weekend lawmakers on Beacon Hill have now sent a bill to governor Baker aimed at providing a safety net for renters homeowners and small businesses who have been financially impacted by this outbreak and the state of emergency the bill would put a temporary moratorium on all stages of the eviction and foreclosure process as with last either forty five days after the state of emergency ends or a hundred and twenty days from the time the bills put in place whichever of those dates comes first the bill would prohibit all nonessential evictions and foreclosures provide mortgage borrowers with forbearance options and protect tenants from late fees Madison Rogers WBZ Boston news radio thousands of people now in a panic over the pandemic after losing their jobs in the past several weeks now many hard looking for help with food a food bank in Everett has seen demand for daily staples explode five fold WBZ TV's to Shani whitlow tells us the demand happened virtually overnight you know we just want to help just one of our neighbors Irene Cardillo the director of the grace food pantry in Everett says since the corona virus outbreak of the demand for food assistance has skyrocketed clearly seen by the long line we went from three thousand unique individuals until fifteen thousand unique individuals since the eleventh hi how you doing thanks to community partnerships Cardillo says the pantry never turned anyone away her brother and every police officer also helps out delivering food to call that patience where the plus ones because they see the people happy it's really what whether one is to get the bus and close to six hundred thousand people here in Massachusetts have lost their jobs in the past month look at that head of hair on you would you need a hair cut their sloppy well maybe or do it yourselfer and if you are you're not alone but you might want to think twice about that strategy WBZ's are calling with more it's probably no surprise that the sales of hair clippers has jumped one hundred sixty six percent in the first week of April according to Nielsen and the sales of at home hair colour jumped twenty three percent everybody was in a total panic how will I survive without having my rich dad Noel St Elyria his stylist is out of work since the sapphire hair salon in Danvers has been shut down by the pandemic right right right leave it alone because it's gonna take a lot more kind and it's going to cost a lot more money except if you mess it up with a box here died but she says the most important thing to remember silent that I know who have no income coming in right now and they're like oh my god how may give him a mortgage how we gonna pay my car payment how am I gonna put food on the table you aren't going WBZ Boston news news radio at six thirty eight back in business about ready to go on Wall Street which check in on the numbers this morning and Bloomberg business here's Tom Busby morning Tom Hey good morning Jeff for the price of oil hasn't been this low in more than two decades under fourteen dollars a barrel of crude prices lost more than a quarter of their value just today on a free fall in global demand now that's got Dow futures tumbling to right now down nearly four hundred points even though Congress and the White House are expected to announce a new another small business.

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