Leicester, President Trump, The New York Times discussed on NPR Politics Podcast - Weekly Roundup: Thursday, July 20


Just by virtue of their very ideology don't believe that the government has a role in helping people access healthcare or you know forbid pay for it so i think that speaks to a lot of what we're seeing here that in the republicans they don't wanna have to vote on this pill and they don't want to talk about it and it is when it out of their life you know you guys know this better than i do but three words numbers numbers numbers president obama had sixty votes republicans don't have that that they don't need it either for leicester they've fifty vote others that are a we're going to take a break here and when we come back we will talk about the president's interview with the new york times and that clown carved people with ties to russia there was spilling out of a meeting last year with donald trump junior support for this podcast than the following message comes from morgan stanley for more than eighty years morgan stanley has offered financial wisdom to its clients and for the last few weeks they'd been offering financial wisdom on a brand new podcast the morgan stanley ideas podcast will answer some questions you've wondered about for years and others you didn't even know you had find out on the morgan stanley ideas podcast available from your favorite podcast directory morgan stanley smith barney llc and morgan stanley and co llc members civic i'm when the home and i'm steven thompson there's more stuff to watch and read these days than any one person to get too that's why we make pop culture happy hour twice a week we sort through the nonsense share reactions and give you the low down on let's work you're precious time and what's nine find culture happy hour on the npr one app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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