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24 hour news station, KOMO News with ELISA Jeffy, I'm Rick Foam size. Thanks for Joining us, Our editor is Jeremy Greater. President Trump is declaring victory in Pennsylvania. Despite ballot still being counted. His son echoed that in a tweet, causing Twitter toe. Add a warning label. Trump then tweeted. He's claimed the battleground state along with Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan. Well from the big house to the Statehouse. Bremerton attorney Tara Simmons becomes the first convicted felon in modern times to win a seat in the Washington state legislature. She overcame poverty, abuse and drugs to become an attorney and now a lawmaker. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is confident that he's on the path to the presidency. Speaking in Delaware, Biden cited trends in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Now, after a long night of county. He's clear. That we're winning enough states. To reach 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. Joining us on the coma News line is Democratic strategist Kathy Ellen. And that is a far cry from what we're hearing Kathy from the Trump campaign that is held Biden sees it. And the Trump campaign, though today says they're confident the president will win Pennsylvania with a million ballots out there still being counted the president's son Eric, calling the election and absolute fraud to that, you say What a new story not It just seems to me that these folks have been saying this way before one ballot was counted. Think that I want to bed last night, not enthusiastic as I woke up at two and three and four and five, until I actually did see the whole lineup that that looked pretty good in terms of the the electoral count. Never have so many renew their math equations just trying to pull together this list, but Michigan and Wisconsin with both called by The Associated Press, I felt really good there. Yes, there's going to be noise to come. Yes, there could be problems with the court suits that remain the over 253. I think. But the fact is, I do think this is a path that I see 2 270 that I did not see when I was with you in 2016. Whoever wins when the dust does settle, what do you think this has done to our democracy? It's just made everybody kind of met. I have to say hats off to the election officials of this country particularly our own secretary of state, because I thought that the actual counting was amazingly well put together. I thought it was very well done, and I don't think there was a lot of fluff on any of the actual returns. I saw. What I can say is that the state of the country is not better off for the selection at this point after this thing, finally hand hands together so that we actually might have a president. Then we'll have to be built. Even if Joe Biden winds, isn't it like a pilot that can't do anything because you know he won't have control of the Senate if he won. Well, actually, we picked up one. We could pick up two. And so in all of that, I'm not decided. Are you kidding? Just the ability to undo a lot of the probably questionable executive orders of the president. Is it enough to be able to breathe a sigh of relief that Joe Biden could be there with a upend undo them? I also feel that they're off a lot of stuff that's happening right now. That makes for a TTE least three or four. I would say moderate Republicans who are in the Senate that will not automatically I would say stop crossing party lines only because Mitch McConnell tells them to. I think this opportunity for a sense of maybe really crossing the line this time. And quickly. Cathy Endsley getting a third term. Do you think he'll leave if Biden winds for AH, place in Biden's cabinet? You know, I don't know, because I do think that he was closer to a number of other folks that were actually running for president. I'm not sure what that relationships all about. I know that there are other people now who have already taken up his mantle. When it comes to energy standing up for doing more about climate change, he's going to be in good company. If he wants to go back, But I kind of believe him when he says that most of his family is at this point, you know, there's a lot to stay here in Washington State for Democratic strategist Kathy Allen. Thank you, Cathy. I have 3 20 now and coma.

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