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We couldn't even root for them as i would have rooted for them if they were better but i remember kid in the eighties watching the lakers and the celtics that over our heads who you root for and i was like i love the lunch pail attitude of the celtics but then i always love those sixers teams that dr j j charles barkley moses malone bobby jones those teams were kind of day mixed a little thank or showtime and and the celtics sixers one eighty two eighty three they won in eighty three three yeah or eighty to eighty two i don't know i remembered that team i was that was only doctor title right only title i think though the win another year and then they won that here but they want they other than that really it was the celtics lakers the two of them the pistons the pistons showed eighty nine yeah but and then like the lakers but i remember the eighty five series obviously we we have a differing opinion on that but i remember eighty five series because that was the royals went to those series and eighty and loss of philly it was we got whitey herzog how good is the white rat being able to take that team willie mays aken zwilli wilson great job but after the antenna i remember thinking not right after it but as we moved into the nineties and into the office and i was like well realistically you know we're a small martine we're never see the series again we'll never see it again and for all intents and purposes you did i mean that day until two thousand fourteen when we you know had this magical run and this team was assembled and they they came up together and they were just unbelievable talent and i remember going to see him into twelve thirteen and and you those guys i well i i didn't i was paying close enough attention because i just assume the worst right but i did play in game you were down like what i can't remember how many runs down but came back and that plane game i was like all right i can bury my own personal with kansas city and i'm rooting guys.

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