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You you didn't. You weren't feeling the Matt Jackson, so oversaw in the back. I loved it. 'cause it's because it's not. I've said this on the stands. I was like, it's not like I spray when he starts selling the neck immediately or especially like Seth Rollins selling his goddamn knee to the point where you just like, Seth, if your knee hurts this bad, every time you wrestle, maybe learn how to, you know, fix computers or something. But with Matt Jackson, I don't understand the even his is this is just been a long ongoing thing. I know which is, but it it adds to the. There's a certain continuity that is being paid off for those who are paying attention. You know, it's, it's, it's the exact opposite WWE where if you pay attention, you get punished. Whereas what's so funny with this other stuff? If you pay attention, you get rewarded, which is widely that most recent Kenny o. mega Okada match was so fucking unbelievable for me because it's like they are paying off things that they have been planting these seeds in every match. They've done up until this point. It's beautiful. Even like even like with with the Tongans being the ones to cause the bullet club to rip apart because they had been doing the. Cody Kenny thing for so long and Cody insisting that bullet club is fine. And then finally reaching its zenith where they had Kenyon Cody fighting again where the, you know, they had a killer match mania weekend, and then they finally met up again and then they healed. And then immediately that night, Tango and hukou and Tama Tonga Kalou. Towing. Well, while thin. Those, but then all of a sudden it was bullet club's not fine because it was this other section of bullet club. It's like, well, where are they in all this? But then it was. It was because they are the ones who are. We're g Bill club and it's just it was just brilliant. It's brilliant. And it just they lay it out for you and there's a payoff as opposed to well, undertaker Kane, DX down. So in Australia, DX got to go over, but we'll do fucked up way so that we get to fuck in the mini Beryl in Saudi Arabia will then one hundred gotta get him back boss. We're not doing take no favors either nobody can win any matches, but also nobody could lose any matches those tongue and guys, bad mother fuckers. I got worked by them during that match. There was one point rows like wait, is that dude. Like legit angry. Because one of them start saying, mother fucker something the legit like, oh, this just turn very, and isn't that the realm of reality. But those to have that sort of. Believability a believable the like when I look at the young bucks, I would never fuck with any of the young bucks, but I'm not ever thinking wouldn't care to those guys guys like like be careful out there. Right? Because one of them may just flip a switch and they didn't. They don't know Lance Archer one of them like just grab some guys hat in the front row and I thought he ripped his hat or something. Yeah, I kinda missed it. Oh, and, and I don't wanna forget to point this out because it is so funny, the young bucks ads in their titan, Dr the tents, eight packs you've ever seen in the in their thing because they know they're right, like winking at us, but I don't like the whole selling of injuries. Just I don't know why it takes me out of it. It's it's, it's too much acting and then I'm like, but that's gonna see, you wrestle. That's why I like it. Because Matt Jackson, he, he is so over the top with it. I mean, his back really is fucked up. These guys are doing backflips onto fuck in, you know. Essentially concrete. You know, it's like the backs of fucked. Oh, I assume everyone I've ever seen their back is fucks definite or on the way to being fucked. If you ain't fucked, you're on the highway to fucked. Did you hear remember undertaking going like waking up in the morning. All right. Got one leg out. Yeah, that's good. The next one who's the guy that interviewed American. I don't know if you didn't see it was kind of goof. Felt like they were buddies like undertake..

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