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Fourth of July. All that good stuff. To help me break down the week that was heading into it. Our radio buddy to the west P calendar joins us this morning. How you doing, sir? I'm doing all right. How are you? So I'm assuming that they have some, like anti Fourth of July thing out there in Asheville talking about how much the country sucks Well, ironically, the media talks about how awesome 100 years of communism is. Yeah. How does that work, man? Yeah, well, I don't know. Maybe I will swing by the sight of the formally, uh, standing Vance Monument and which now there, there's actually an injunction. The whole thing is stop. So now it's just like the base of it is still there. Um, but it's now all tied up in court again, so they can't even haul off the final part of it. It's still just there. But usually that's where everybody gathers to protest every Saturday and Sunday. You know, like 10 people, usually every now and again, you get, like a dozen, but they'll be out there with their with their poster boards and stuff, which I actually I submitted, I thought was a really good idea. Just have instead of the Vance Monument, just a big whiteboard, Although I don't know why has it got to be a white board? It could be any colour board is fine. But it could be a big board like a chalkboard or something. And then they can just write their protest slogans for whatever the protest is that day or that hour, Right? Just this way. You're not using up all of the paper products. It's for the earth. You know, it's you know what? I'm not wholly opposed to that, actually, right? No, I'm all about solutions was, Yeah. No, it's nice, because if you drive by and they're screaming on a bullhorn about one thing on your way to work because you have a job and you have to go to work, and and then on your way home from work, they could be screaming about something else entirely. So, really, it's two shows. Right. And if you need to flip the script on some messaging, it allows you to do that, like defund the police. You can be screaming deep on the police defund the police and then at a moments notice you just wipe it all away and say it's actually the Republicans. Who are trying to defund the police. See, it's very versatile. Yeah, it's versatile. I was made aware of that. I was also made aware that quote a bunch of white men will decide whether a black woman will get tenure at UNC. That's an actual Arial headline for about two hours. Um, the real the real dog and pony would have to be a couple things one while that votes going on. A woman on a bullhorn is screaming. Uh, you're not safe. You think you're safe in there? You're not safe in their outside of where votes being taken, Which sounds kind of insurrection into me. And secondly, today was supposed to be or yesterday was supposed to be her first day at work, and she's just like I'm not going to show After all of that, So please handicap this insanity for me, So I appreciate you not raising the point here, but I will do so because I'm a man of honor. Which is I I expected U R a l to leave that headline up. Um, because I didn't think they would suffer any ramifications, Sport you I think we're of the opinion that it would come down and you were correct. I was not. I would have lost money had we bet On that. I thought, no like, what's the Why not leave it up there that you know, it's a it is. This is what racial essential is, Um, looks like it's where everything is boiled down to one thing, and that is race. Um, Although I do know why it came down, though. Do you know why in my wife think it came down, I think that they finally realized that there's a black woman on the board. Right, right. And and the best part was is if you call up the WR a weather squad. It's one black woman and then a bunch of white people in the picture. So yeah, you know, did somebody, uh, did possibly somebody troll them on Twitter with that? Perhaps? Yes. Absolutely. No, I think they didn't know. Maybe I don't know. Well did they have like in their government beat reporting? Do they have any minorities? Uh, you know, I didn't. I didn't go through the whole thing. So this is the thing like, I don't look for this stuff. And then now I understand that anti racist critical race theorists would say That's because I you know and racist. Um, I suffer from whiteness. And I am You know, a fish doesn't know it's wet. But like, if you know when people are hired to do the jobs, then if they do a good job, then Like I look at them and they do a good job, which I I understand this now makes me a racist according to the new the new religion, But no like this idea that you are like these kids at UNC, like they were ignorant, right? The kids were ignorant of the rules. They didn't know that these votes for tenure are taken in closed session. Right? And I note all of the apologists in the media for these kids, and even Nicole Hannah Jones is like, well, they should have been told that Why is it incumbent upon the people running the meeting to tell the people who seek a confrontation? What the rules are and by the way, One of the cops did tell the kids what the rule was. One of the cops said they have to take the vote in closed session, but the kids did not know this were ignorant of the rules. And so demanded. Everybody bow to them. And I'm trying to imagine a power dynamic is what do we always hear? Like when you talk about racism that the people that only whites can be racist? Because they have the power who has the power in this exchange? When you can call a cop of pigs scream at you pig right to their faces and occupy space that you are not permitted to be in in a closed session that is meant to help those that you're demanding be help. And you get moved out of the room and you suffer no ramifications and repercussion for that. No penalty, no punishment who actually has the power They didn't have enough chairs. Did you read the whole thread by that policy, the NC policy watching it wet. Um, no, I try not to read much from them. There's only so much like I have a quota. It's like there's only so much I can still in that tank well is so was black. They were explaining all the stuff that's wrong while skipping over the fact that you correctly point out and as somebody who used to have to cover School Board City Council County commissioner. Whenever you get into unemployment related things, they that's generally a closed section session. Uh, I think that's been like that, for as long as I can remember. 20 years easily. Yeah, And so they they. They blamed all of that. But he also had the audacity to sit there and say, Look, you know, one of the things that I want to make sure of is that if I see something going down, that's Um, you know, essentially not right in the way the coverage and hold on. Let me let me do this because it is this Joe Killian or Billy Ball from Cardinal and Pie. This is Joe Killian. It is kind of funny..

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