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Were kept outside Pat Lobe, K Y. W News radio. Taito to the new plan for New Jersey schools that stories up after traffic and weather on the twos. Good morning, Sam. Give one to you, Carol Some better news in Chester County, five vehicle accident Over an hour ago. Closing the eastbound, 30 bypassed detour was between airport road and Route 82 heading into Coatesville. We're here to tell you that everything has re open and we're good to go. A lot of people are still bit slow. Through on business 30 which would have been the bailout and detour route so into Coatesville. That's a reason for the extra traffic in town, but in the meantime, get back on the 30 bypass. You're good to go. Everything is open. We go east to this for looking alright. Still problems of Shelton Hand Philadelphia border. Tell them Avenue at 70th Street, east of Old York Road, police directing around an accident. Then we head into town. The eastbound Scougall Expressway is jam from City Avenue T east of Gerard. It's just past the on ramp for Girard Avenue before the stone Arch Over past. We have an accident involving a car and a tractor trailer blocking the right lane. It's been out there for over an hour. Still trying to straighten this thing out right, laying close get over his carefully as you can to the center or left Lane. That's eastbound east of Gerard, the trouble spot westbound. Has already that's backed up from there Vera Avenue to 30 history because the ongoing construction on Ly one lane gets by south on 95 heavies travel between Cotton INGE and Bridge Street. Narrow construction zone, then a heavy issues. Get off of the Girard Avenue exit ramp again. The second narrow construction zone by an expressway Busy cross town, but nothing major. At this point. We go back to the P A turnpike a problem getting off the Northeast extension at the Lansdale exit for the E Z Pass exit. Apparently, the right land is closed cause some flooding, but again some standing water. There's a blocking part of that exit. So just a heads up the New Jersey Pretty good north on the 42 freeways. Okay, as you travel 55 slow merging with the 42 but up in across the bridges were all right mass transit on or close to schedule. The cable W 24 hour traffic center. I'm San Clover. Thank you, Sam. And now the five day forecast, here's NBC 10 1st Alert Meteorologist Bill Hendley. Good morning a little easier to breathe out there right now. Yes,.

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