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Combine that with the closeness of the projections. You need a decimal point to separate the two teams in the standings. And i don't think it's a stretch to say that this is the best divisional race zips has ever projected going on two decades of prognostications or at least i guess the the top two teams in division so i maybe under sold this if anything i figured okay. The padres have definitely narrowed the gap year. They've brought it to the point. Where if things go right for them things. Go wrong for the dodgers. They could definitely you conceivably catch them but according to the true talent projections right now and dens playing time assumptions. It might be even closer than that one of the great joys of being an assigning editor is that you get to bother people to answer questions for you. They really keen to know. So i went to dan. I was like dan we should. You should redo the padres projection. Gestion please please do that. Because i really wanna know how close it is. And he's like what if i just redid the whole. Nfl west. and i was like. Oh dan that's why you're the best so Yeah it's it's a very exciting thing in the midst of you know an offseason that has been slow and plotting. And that has dan notes a number of teams that have basically announced their fan bases. Like the baseball you're gonna watch next. Year is going to be worse than the baseball. You watched last year to see a team. That's like no we. We see the world the reigning world series champ that consensus best team in baseball. And we we wanna take a run at them and to be as you noted. There's a lot left to be done. And the dodgers are now in the position of being able to respond to what san diego has done. And there's always the lingering looming threat of injury and all sorts of stuff but for them to go into the early part of the new year. Saying no we're we're neck and neck is is just very exciting so i can't wait to see how it plays out i know. Yeah and this relies in part on a very rosy projection for hassan. Kim yes the projection that zips has regenerated for a player from the b o and he's projected as basically a four player per year for the next several seasons would make him an absolute bargain if that turns out to be the case for what they're paying him and would make be questioned whether wasn't more interest in him. And you know with a player coming over from any other league. There's always going to be a little less that we know and and it's harder to translate the stats but there have been more players coming from their recently. So there's more for the system to go on and it really likes kevin. Why wouldn't it based on his numbers and his youth and all of that. But that's even better than i was expecting so if you think that's a little too optimistic and that there might be more growing pains than maybe you can push them down. Push the padres down a little bit but the projections for blake snell and yu darvish seem quite conservative. Sips has the as three wind players basically because pretty low innings estimates. The point is. It's really close. So i am pretty hyped for that race this year. And it's not just this year either. Because dan notes in his post most of the padres core contributors are under their control through at least twenty twenty three and because a lot of their players are young and still in their pre arbitration years. They still have room to maneuver financially. They're more than fifty million dollars a year from the first luxury tax threshold this year. So it just goes to show what you can accomplish if you are willing to be aggressive especially while lots of other teams are not being aggressive at all. You can make major waves and of course. The dodgers are set up really well long-term to yeah it's gonna be really exciting and cash and you have good broadcast booths between the two of them. All speaking of good broadcast booth says going to bring to cause friend of the show. Shabby has a new job or or has added a job to his staple of jobs and he is going to be the new cubs play by play man replacing len kasper on tv. And teaming up with jim shays and men. Chicago is just hogging all the great broadcasters. At this point. I've been to have. We already talked about having jason eddie and len kasper calling games for the same team now. You have boob replacing casper which like there aren't many broadcasters who i would say you could lose lend casper and not lose a whole lot but going from casper tabuk those her to really great broadcasters. The cubs fence will be happy with so been talking about the cubs losing players and personnel. So far this winter at least now they have actually added someone and added someone could so congrats to boo and congrats to cubs fan. Who get to listen to and it seems like from the press release. he's still going to have some involvement with espn so he will not be leaving the national stage either. I don't know if he'll be calling as many games. I guess it would be hard to do that because he was the sunday night. Baseball radio voice and also wednesday night. Baseball person for espn. But he's still going to be doing. Some of that and bouc has called games for a team before i think he was the marlins radio play by play man years ago and i think he was he was also with atlanta for a few years on tv so this is not new for him necessarily. But it's maybe a higher profile local and if people are not already aware of how good burgas i they will be now. I was thinking about whether a local broadcasting gig or a national broadcasting gig leads to more appreciation for a.

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